Nov. 3rd, 2011

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I reemerge, blinking in the harsh sunlight, having again poured about 72 hours straight, barring a little sleep (not enough), into classwork.

Aside from the pacing, I'm loving it.

Here are my digital doodlehacks from Tuesday and Wednesday. The kangaroo was done right before my homework for InDesign class, the Dragons were from last night. Last night I was tired and grumpy and resistant to doing anything, but I'm glad I did.

I'm holding myself to this DAILY thing. Like a birthday present to myself. Otherwise I'd never do anything fun for myself and I'd get really grumpy and resentful of my schoolwork.

I just realized both of these happen to have been doodled 'for' other people. The 'roo was a doodle to figure out some things about a commission I've been sitting on for Fauxpaw. And the dragons remind me of Chaos, but if you look closely you'll notice they are Hexadragons for no particular reason. I do have a commission for him but it won't be anything like this. Had fun with these, wasn't thinking about them as commissions- Just scanned drawings I thought would be fun to mess with.


replacementparts: Smiling dragon, optimism, bright (Default)

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