Dec. 17th, 2011

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[ profile] haikujaguar read my mind this morning suggesting that I put the Kangaroo Dreamtime image on mugs. I had actually considered it while making the piece- and it does indeed wrap around mugs nicely.

So I set up a Zazzle shop last night/this morning (I need to learn how to customize it a little, though).

Is there anything else you'd like to see this image on? Any other images I've done that you'd like to see on zazzle products?

ETA- Oh! It looks like if you order today you can use the code LASTMINIDEAS to get them HALF OFF today only. I hope someone jumps on that! If I had the money I would. XD

Also, bumper stickers!
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Yay, I'm on a roll! If two commissions completed in two days counts as a roll. XD Better than I've done on commissions so far in 2011. That's okay, 2011 has been a pretty awesome year for other reasons.

This one is for [ profile] meglyman. I hope to put it on some zazzle things too. Its fun to work with some sort of limitation, in the case of ACEO cards, they are so small its not hard to pack in the detail. =]

He has a tiger shark plushie. <3

ETA- My goodness its a lot of fun to make stuff with Zazzle. >_< <- Big stickers <- Tiny Heart stickers
I put it on postage stamps, too, but those apparently need to be approved first before they can be sold.


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