Mar. 5th, 2012

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Busy isn't even the word. I've entered a state where I'm doing hours of homework a day, and if I'm doing less than four or five hours in a single day I start getting really anxious about it.

Surgery in three weeks, two days. I'd say I was really nervous about it, and when I give myself time to think, of course I am. But this is week 9 now, of an 11-week school quarter, and maybe having no room to think is not such a terrible thing.

I signed up for classes next quarter. Only two, instead of three. I had to jump through some paperwork hoops to not take the full load my financial aid allows, but not as many as I'd thought, and the people I talked to were really understanding. There's only a one-week break between quarters, and my surgery is on the wednesday.

Then I have a follow-up appointment (in SF) on monday, a class (in Sac) on tuesday, a secondary follow-up (SF) on wednesday, and a class (Sac) on thursday. Not entirely sure how that's going to work. If I'm absolutely not feeling up to classes, it is better for me to drop for the quarter than to do too poorly in the classes.

But one of my closest friends is a chinese med student. He has magical healing herbs that he claims will cut my recovery time in half, most likely. Which sounds pretty awesome. He gave the same stuff to our mutual friend when he got his wisdom teeth out, and he was up and about within about two days. Maybe I'll be so lucky. But I'll still need to be really careful with what I do with my arms to avoid bad scarring. I'm going to miss riding my bike for that month or so.

Anyway. I need to get back to work. I'm sorry I've been so quiet. I want to be more social, I really do, it just takes time, and time is what I do not have in much quantity. >_
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Also, discovered that there is an OCCUPY thing at the capitol today.

First I heard of it was just a lot of people gathering a couple blocks away and chanting/being loud. There are helicopters, but no sirens.

Brandon woke up, the only other person in the house right now, and I hadn't yet been able to figure out what it was. Apparently both our first thoughts were... Zombie Apocalypse?

But there would probably be sirens for that.

I ended up figuring out what it was shortly before crowds of people started walking past my apartment on their way to the capitol. At which point it would have become obvious anyway. Though I guess then I wouln't have known it was specifically in response to the California Nuclear Initiative.

Stuff is happening in the world.

I wish I could either go out and immerse myself in it, or stay inside and ignore it completely, but I have a DR appointment at 12:30 on the other side of that mess, and homework in the meantime, so I can't really do either. Lovely.


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