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A thing I drew the other day. Scanned and goofed around with it in PS. Plenty else I'm sure I could think to do with it, but I'm supposed to be working on a CD project.

I'm trying to post art on a regular basis- what do you think?


CD project is annoying. It's a first draft, so he's not going to kill us if the work isn't spectacular, but I don't want to come in there with nothing to show for the past week, either.

We need 5 different type system layouts. So far I have three... ish. I'm not thrilled with any of them, but I don't feel like I know what exactly I should be looking for to make them better.

The graphic design stuff is pretty humbling. I feel totally lost, like I'm somehow stumbling through my projects as though by accident. It's like it's a totally different vocabulary from illustration, with deceptive similarities. Like Spanish and Italian languages, maybe.

Maybe I'll try to get my layouts into a form I can post so you all can point and laugh at my incompetency critique me. I know I've got a few friends here at least who more than dabble in graphic design. =]

I find myself wishing for an online critique community for graphic design, like style or something. I mean, Yerf's critique groups back in the day taught me a LOT, even if there were eventually bad habits I needed to unlearn. It was a great encouragement to learn, and it was cool having a sense of community about making the art better.
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