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Perhaps you are like me. You’ve been pursuing your creative thing(s) for a number of years, either as a hobbyist, or thinking of yourself as a professional without quite making progress on a professional level. Perhaps, like me, your daily actions don’t quite reflect what you know to be professional behavior.

It is incredibly difficult to act pro all the time. But if we are to make the jump from creating as a hobby to creating as a professional, this is essentially what is required. If we are to be successful in this admittedly difficult journey we have set out for ourselves, we’re talking lifestyle changes here.

To go pro, whatever specifics that entails for a given creative profession, is to sacrifice other things for the cause of one’s work. Not least of which is the sacrifice of some part of the ego that demands to be babied, saying we don’t want to work right now because it is too hard, too boring, too frustrating, or that gosh we’d much rather sit around and do some-other-thing instead.

So my challenge, to you (and to myself!), is to figure out what it means to you to go pro. What are you willing to sacrifice in order to make that happen?
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