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oh, hi.

Hello Journals, it's me, Seth.

I want to get back in the habit of posting more. In that spirit, I want to share a project that may not get past one image, or, if as I hope, it continues to be fun and rewarding for me, may become a full tarot deck.

Some of you may know that Homestuck recently had a kickstarter. Among the reward tiers was a Tarot deck full of some really amazing fan art. Needless to say I am a bit broke and couldn't contribute the requisite 150$. However, I do have lowish-res jpgs of all of the cards, and a search turned up a list of all the artists, many of which have higher-res copies of their cards available.

A side note: I've been wanting to learn how to paint for quite a while, and while I struggled with acrylics basically every other time I've tried them, I've come to the conclusion that if I could just do a whole bunch of little paintings for practice, without having to worry about my own art, I could definitely get pretty good.

Perhaps you see where this is going.

I picked a card at random to start with. Being a Scorpio (and a Gemini, I <3 Sollux... and Mituna, too), I have a soft spot for Vriska, even though she can be a cold-hearted *****.

The 8 of Swords, by Kristin aka Kaymurph

8 of Swords, day 2

Unfortunately I didn't scan it after day 1, or track how long I spent that day.

Briefly, the day one process was something like this- print low-res version of card, lightbox-trace outlines onto paper, lightbox-trace outlines onto heavier paper for painting on. Carefully wash light blue onto the whole thing, making sure to preserve pencil lines. Battle with purple for a while to start blocking in the dark areas.

Day two, I had found the artist and the better resolution image she provided (details! beautiful details!). I decided to proceed by first mixing the color I needed, rather than slathering on more tube-colors in the hope that it would work out. Imagine that. Spent a while mixing up that dark color which is *not* black, nor does it have black in it lol. Painted for about 45 minutes, and by about halfway through that, I was actually starting to feel more confident with the paint and my brushstrokes. Still feels like I'm noodling the crap out of certain areas, but its progress.

Let me know what you think! I'd love to keep posting my WIPs.

ONCE AGAIN, I am not the original artist, I'm just doing a 'master copy' to learn how to paint (and to possibly one day have my own personalized version of the Homestuck tarot... but that's a ways off...)