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Seth ([personal profile] replacementparts) wrote2012-11-21 05:56 pm
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Vriska, wip, 2

I didn't get to work on my vriska painting at all yesterday, but I got back to it today. I have a scan of what I did the other day after my last post, but I'll just show where it is now, since the differences aren't hugely significant, I think.

Original art I am copying, see previous entry for more background.

master copy painting work in progress

Day 3 (two days ago), I spent about 35 minutes working with a pale green I mixed up that was a little lighter than the blue underpainting. Mostly evidenced in the webs.

Day 4 (today), I mixed up a nice purple that seemed to match that in the image. I also had to mix up an almost-black to use in her hair and wrestling that gradient in her hair. Its not quite right but it's a good start, I think. I also used a little more of the paint from yesterday (I've been using damp paper towels as palettes, and can fold the remaining paint inside and put it in a ziploc to save it for a couple days) mixed with more white to bring out the spider eyes more.

I enjoyed the crits and suggestions on the last post, please keep it up! =3