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Other things I have been doing lately?

Reading about Jokka and doing sketches of them because I'm going to be designing some book covers in the near future...

Designing tons of sales fliers at job #1. Job #1 is pretty fun and gives me lots of opportunities to practice minor photoediting stuff in photoshop, and is training me to do decent layout projects really FAST. Which is already helping me with other design projects. Cool!

Job #2 has me working on the quirkiest printer I've ever dealt with. Fortunately I have a long history of coaxing printers to heed my bidding. I got to design a book cover in 40 minutes this morning, basically first thing when I got in. (That's rare, most people have their covers designed before they get to me. More's the pity. I see a lot of centered text and Papyrus...) I think the client almost cried with joy when she saw it- that was pretty cool, I gotta say.

School is fun.
Taking public speaking as a (required) class. I've given two speeches now, one more to go. It's not as awful as I thought it would be, but good preparation takes longer than I would have expected. On the other hand, practicing writing speeches has given me a lot of food for thought regarding writing for comprehension.

Speaking of writing for comprehension, in Type 4 we were assigned designers to research and make a book about them. When I finished the rough draft of my essay to be the body text of said book, my teacher returned it with a ton of corrections (it was an extremely rough, draft), but said it would pass a college board as an outline for a college thesis. Which is cool. Probably because I had to extrapolate a lot. There's a lot of 'this is what he did' info available about Robert Venturi, but not a lot of 'here let me connect the dots for you and put it together in an accurate picture of his actual impact on postmodernism and architecture.' So I did that. And now I'm also illustrating it. Because I'm crazy, I guess.

My web 'class' is fun, too. I guess I abandoned a couple homework assignments, but since I'm taking the class as basically an extracurricular thing (I'm not enrolled, I'm just showing up and participating), it's letting me get most of the benefits of taking the class and basically none of the stress associated. Awesome. The first half of the course was a lot about information architecture and content strategy, which is totally relevant to my interests. And now we have progressed into coding for WordPress. Which I have seriously gotten the hang of. A bit more practice and I could seriously make a thing of it.

Oh gosh I bet there are more projects I'm working on and I just can't think of them at the moment. I try to poke at illustration work, too. I've got several variations of an illustration underway for Fishy. A few others I try to poke at when I can. I've been asked to do something for a comic anthology I hope to participate in. I did a pretty cute vday pic for a couple friends (mostly because Jorge is a marketer and is therefore aggravatingly persuasive...)

valentines day bat and raven
(Click for biggening)
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Oh, friends, I thought my life was busy.

I was wrong.


The reduction in stress levels due to now having an income more than balances the scales.

I have very little time, but I feel overall pretty great.

I've noticed a slight increase in 'grumpiness' at certain times... often directed at Joshua for his tendency to create more mess than he cleans. I know the real reason is self-frustration at not being able to keep the place cleaner myself, even though more help would be really nice.


I spent my first paycheck on a birthday gift for my sister, Artrage, printer cartridges, and debts. lol

The next one will probably go to bike repair and rent. But hey, being able to pay my rent is way better than not. And better for Joshua, too. Yep.
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I am writing a 6-minute Demonstrative speech, that I have to give tomorrow, on EV training pokemon.

This is my first rough cut. I need to start breaking it down into more simplified bullet lists from here, so I can't just read the whole speech off cards. But this is what I hope I manage to say!
Under the cut )

Good news!

Jan. 29th, 2013 06:10 pm
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I got both job offers!

My life is about to get very, very busy.

Eugene OR

Jan. 26th, 2013 10:42 am
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It's a bit far off yet, but it would still be good to know.

Do I know anyone who lives in Eugene, Oregon? Or know anyone who knows someone?
I feel like I do but can't quite figure out who. ;__;

I ask because Joshua knows someone who is encouraging him to go out there after he finishes school. He's got the kind of profession where he's basically got to settle down somewhere and develop a client base. So if he goes, and I come with, we would be there for a long time. Possibly forever.

My biggest concern is... I know myself. I was raised on the road and I have a tendency to pack up and move on every so often. I think my wanderlust could be sated a bit by traveling a couple times a year, but then again, I could just accidentally fall in love with somewhere else. =C

Anyway, better to think about it and start looking into things than put it off and just hope everything works out okay. Right?
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Hello DW and LJ, I know it's been a while.

I keep telling people I just do better on odd-numbered years, and while that sounds a little superstitious, what I mean is that somehow, with the turning of 2012 into 2013, everything just felt a little bit... better.

I've been applying for jobs, mostly random stuff on Indeed. There was a position with our local public library I applied for at the beginning of winter break in December, but didn't hear back for so long I had mostly given up on it. When school started back up I made an appointment to talk to Natalie, the career services person I'd been talking with.

During that meeting she suggested a position a little bit outside my biking range, but close to a lightrail station. It's a small but longstanding company that puts company logos on merchandise like reusable grocery bags and pens. It sounds like their current graphic designer is leaving so they are looking for a replacement.

I interviewed with them last wednesday (16Jan), and now they want me back in on monday to work with their current graphic designer and see if I fit in with the office. Which sounds pretty promising!

In addition, I finally had that interview for the library position this wednesday (23Jan). The main branch has an Espresso Book Printing machine, and they are looking for a printing assistant to help authors set up and print their books. I felt really confident after that interview, and got a call later that day asking for my professional references. I know at least one of them talked with someone today, and that the person making the call sounded very pleased with what she was hearing about me.

What's cool is that both jobs are looking for basically completely different hours, and both are limited in hours available per week. So I might be in a position to take both. Which would be pretty fantastic for me right now.

I'm down to my last three quarters, set to graduate with my associate's in graphic design at the end of summer. Oddly, though, it worked out so I needed to take two classes for three quarters, rather than three classes for two quarters, due to financial aid. Rather than languish in the reduced class load, though, I spoke with the Bill Mead, the advisor for both graphic and web design. I got his permission to basically audit web classes.

And since I'm not officially in the class, I don't have to worry so much about prerequisites. As in the class that I'm taking now is called "Advanced Web Scripting." I had to scramble a little at first to feel like I was caught up, but three weeks in I'm feeling like I'm at the same level as the other students in the class, with just a little difference in experience up to this point. They've done more coding, I've done more design. It's good.

Another class is Type IV, which is good, but I'm not super into the designer I was assigned to study for the quarter, so that might be a bit of a struggle. I like the teacher a lot, and I like that I don't feel as pressured in that class as I did with Mehallo, the Type II and III teacher. I love him as a teacher, but that kind of pressure is hard to sustain without going nuts.

Finally, Public Speaking. Which. Is one of those things that is inherently hard for me, but I feel like the class is helping. I did a great caricature of the teacher the other day. He's pretty hilarious, and likes to push the boundaries of what is acceptable to say in a classroom setting. He manages to make a lot of pretty boring material at least entertaining to sit through.

I have a Demonstrative speech to write and present next week. I think I'm going to do it on 'How to train a Pokemon' for beginners. Just basic EV training, but depending on factors I might do an overview of natures and IVs and EV berries/powerItems/pokerus. It's gotta be 6 minutes long, give or take 15 seconds. Hoh boy.

What else?
I went to FC last weekend. It was not my best FC ever, but it wasn't terrible, either. There were at least a couple really great moments and I'm glad I went. Joshua and I celebrated our one year dating anniversary both on the date (13Jan) and at FC, which is where we first met, two years ago, and went from friends to something more, last year.

He's been enjoying the art show at FC the past couple years and has decided to work hard and make some stained glass pieces to put up next year. He's getting me to draw the patterns and he'll do the stained glass. It'll be fun! I will try to share those as they are made. =]

I've been realizing I spent too much time last year and in years past trying to make myself do what I thought I 'should' be doing, rather than what was speaking to me in the moment. So I'm now working on being nicer to myself, not worrying so much about PUSHING myself, and instead, encouraging myself to put in time on projects that are interesting me at any given moment. Obviously I still have to get my homework done in there, but I'm finding that the more I allow myself to pursue what is interesting to me in the moment, the more I'm able to find interesting things to pursue within my homework. So that's awesome too.

Right now though, I sure am feeling antsy about those two job prospects!
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Hello internet.

Original: The 8 of Swords, by Kristin aka Kaymurph

painting of Vriska caught in Spidermom's webs

Didn't paint or do much of anything yesterday. My brother Chase came up to visit, despite some Amtrak shenanigans, and we've been hanging out a lot. Talked to Pop and our sister (and our two-year-old nephew Dresden!!) on skype for a little while. Pop hadn't seen either of us in like a year and a half and he got a little teary eyed at a couple points.

But I wanted to paint! I don't think this is quite done, but I'm reaching the limits of my ability right now, and want to move on for now. Hoping to come back somewhere along the way and maybe clean it up. I'm pleased that there wasn't too much redundant work. The painting went much better than my previous attempts with acrylic.

How was your thanksgiving?
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I didn't get to work on my vriska painting at all yesterday, but I got back to it today. I have a scan of what I did the other day after my last post, but I'll just show where it is now, since the differences aren't hugely significant, I think.

Original art I am copying, see previous entry for more background.
under cut )

Day 3 (two days ago), I spent about 35 minutes working with a pale green I mixed up that was a little lighter than the blue underpainting. Mostly evidenced in the webs.

Day 4 (today), I mixed up a nice purple that seemed to match that in the image. I also had to mix up an almost-black to use in her hair and wrestling that gradient in her hair. Its not quite right but it's a good start, I think. I also used a little more of the paint from yesterday (I've been using damp paper towels as palettes, and can fold the remaining paint inside and put it in a ziploc to save it for a couple days) mixed with more white to bring out the spider eyes more.

I enjoyed the crits and suggestions on the last post, please keep it up! =3

oh, hi.

Nov. 19th, 2012 09:19 am
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Hello Journals, it's me, Seth.

I want to get back in the habit of posting more. In that spirit, I want to share a project that may not get past one image, or, if as I hope, it continues to be fun and rewarding for me, may become a full tarot deck.

Some of you may know that Homestuck recently had a kickstarter. Among the reward tiers was a Tarot deck full of some really amazing fan art. Needless to say I am a bit broke and couldn't contribute the requisite 150$. However, I do have lowish-res jpgs of all of the cards, and a search turned up a list of all the artists, many of which have higher-res copies of their cards available.

A side note: I've been wanting to learn how to paint for quite a while, and while I struggled with acrylics basically every other time I've tried them, I've come to the conclusion that if I could just do a whole bunch of little paintings for practice, without having to worry about my own art, I could definitely get pretty good.

Perhaps you see where this is going.

I picked a card at random to start with. Being a Scorpio (and a Gemini, I <3 Sollux... and Mituna, too), I have a soft spot for Vriska, even though she can be a cold-hearted *****.

The 8 of Swords, by Kristin aka Kaymurph

WIP under the cut )

Let me know what you think! I'd love to keep posting my WIPs.

ONCE AGAIN, I am not the original artist, I'm just doing a 'master copy' to learn how to paint (and to possibly one day have my own personalized version of the Homestuck tarot... but that's a ways off...)
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Perhaps you are like me. You’ve been pursuing your creative thing(s) for a number of years, either as a hobbyist, or thinking of yourself as a professional without quite making progress on a professional level. Perhaps, like me, your daily actions don’t quite reflect what you know to be professional behavior.

It is incredibly difficult to act pro all the time. But if we are to make the jump from creating as a hobby to creating as a professional, this is essentially what is required. If we are to be successful in this admittedly difficult journey we have set out for ourselves, we’re talking lifestyle changes here.

To go pro, whatever specifics that entails for a given creative profession, is to sacrifice other things for the cause of one’s work. Not least of which is the sacrifice of some part of the ego that demands to be babied, saying we don’t want to work right now because it is too hard, too boring, too frustrating, or that gosh we’d much rather sit around and do some-other-thing instead.

So my challenge, to you (and to myself!), is to figure out what it means to you to go pro. What are you willing to sacrifice in order to make that happen?
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call for beta testers

A DIY publication that is part adventure game, part making art fun again, and part life orienting. Currently in version 0.1.

I'm looking for people who want to get involved. I want to make it something that is beneficial to all artists, especially those in the anthro community!

You can help by printing a 1-page pdf, following simple instructions to put together. All you need is a printer, scissors, a stapler, and something to write/draw with. Then leave me comments about your experience!

Please LIKE the Facebook Page for more info and the download.
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a paper matchbook

A thing I did today for an image creating project. That's cut paper, photographed. Kinda fun!
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I'm in a Photoshop class again, with a midterm project to re-create an advertisement.

I picked this image, and found photos from Thinkstock (AI has an account, so we can use them for projects) to composite my own version.

composited image of a sea turtle with a tire for a shell

It's made up of four images- two for the turtle, the tire, and the background. I feel like everything is fairly well integrated except the water inside the tire, which is the only thing I've built from scratch.

So I'm wondering if anyone could give me suggestions for the water inside the tire? It looks a ton better than earlier versions, but it still definitely lacks the sense of realism I'm aiming for.

Any other critique would also be appreciated, of course! Thank you!

(I'll be adding in the text and border, but I want to get this part looking right first.)
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Hello again,

I bet you have a project that needs a little design love. Whether you need your first business card or a complete branding overhaul or a strategy for having convention takeaways so your customers (and potential future customers!) will remember who you are and how to get in touch with you after the con. Perhaps you want a digital brochure that shows your commissioners what you offer.

Why do you want me to do this for you? Because whether you realize it or not, the materials that you use to represent yourself are part of your unique brand. That’s what clients will recognize and be drawn to. Many artists don’t realize they should cultivate their brands, but doing so can make a huge difference in brand recognition for their client base- and brand recognition is what makes your clients want YOU over anyone else.

So where do I come into this? I start digging into what you want your brand to say about you and your artwork. Do you do silky soft shapes and cuddle-able colors? Do you prefer it gritty, rough and hard? Or dynamic, exciting cartoons? How do you want your viewers and potential clients to feel about you and your artwork when it comes down to the moment of truth - when you ask them to buy from you? It’s my job to discover and integrate those branding details, making sure your viewers get the impression you want.

And here’s the thing about business cards- they don’t have to be physical or printed. Even just a well-coordinated user ID on your FA or facebook page can make a difference. Its okay if you aren’t sure what kind of design project you want, either. Feel free to schedule a quick consultation with me to figure out what I can do for you and your brand image!

I am currently developing my portfolio and willing to offer significant discounts to new design clients. If you know someone who might be interested, could you pass this along?

I hope to talk to you soon!
(ideamutt - at - gmail)
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I often feel like I am my own biggest obstacle. That if I could only figure out how to properly get out of my own way, I'd be able to conquer all my obstacles without such a fuss and heartache.

Someday maybe I will learn.

In the meantime, I can appreciate an evening that flows smoothly and easily, where I feel comfortable and productive and capable of moving on to the next thing.
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Look, I'm posting on a somewhat regular basis!

I've spent the past couple days with a case of the congested stupids. That is, I caught some kind of cold from Joshua (who had it on his birthday, poor guy, now I know why he wanted to just stay home that day). It has my sinuses in a funk and took most of my brain with it. I guess that's what I get for wearing myself out helping friends move on saturday, and sustaining myself on the beer and junk food they provided.

It was good though, I'd been lonely and desperately needed to spend time with people I could talk to without feeling strained. Once the trucks were emptied into their new place we all hung around for a few hours talking about whatever and I felt a lot better for doing it, even though the congestion started that night and has not yet let up.

School starts back up tomorrow. There were about a million things I would have preferred to do before it started, but 'getting well' trumps all that. Though I think I am feeling better today, if only a little. I've started going through the boxes in my office, throwing some stuff out, trying to organize others. That's always a good thing.

The old stomping grounds...

This image was part of a project I did last quarter. The project was a get well card with a die-cut. This is the front, except the dinosaur guy was cut out and visible through the back of the card, with the text "The old stomping grounds..."

On the inside, you can see the rest of the dinosaur, and his raised foot is in a cast and he's crying. The inside text reads "they just aren't the same without you. Get well soon!" I came up with the concept and the illustration, and talked to my Pop about the caption, since I knew he'd come up with something good.

Been getting in some illustrator practice lately, but I still feel like I need lots of work with it to get comfortable and fast. Part of my problem is I'm still thinking in terms of lines that are colored in, when Illustrator really shines with shapes. Practice, practice.

La Luna

Jul. 5th, 2012 03:39 pm
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omg this came out 95% prettier than like anything I've ever drawn before. Idk. I like the direction my illustration has been moving lately. And that its been moving at all. XD

25 stars for his quarter-century. And probably other symbolism and whatnot in there, too, unsurprisingly. =]


Jul. 5th, 2012 10:22 am
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I'm close to done with La Luna for Joshua. The moon, roses, and characters are basically done; I just need to finish the sky. Omg its so pretty. It stayed in this really ephemeral blue/green/violet range. I caught Joshua staring at it and drooling a couple times yesterday as I worked. Not really, he mostly played Diablo3 and watched Will&Grace, but he's been a little under the weather. We did go to PF Chang for his bday dinner, though. It was basically the only place open. Good, but overpriced. Oof.

Here, let me recap last quarter at least.

Finished my 4th quarter at the Art Institute. Only two classes, so I wasn't quite as stressed as the previous quarter. Maintained 4.0 gpa... probably have an unhealthy obsession with perfection. I did try to enjoy the projects I had, and ended up with about 2.5 projects that I was legitimately proud of. (OH! Here's the ".5"... I cringe. But look at the little flash comics. And like, the stuff I wrote. I think that part is pretty good.)

Moved 1.5 times since my surgery. Just moved in to a great place with Joshua where we plan to stay a while. Cool neighbors, too! Nice little part of southern midtown sacto.

Oh, Surgery has been healing well. I'm still kinda taking it easy on the physical stuff, and there is like residual chest pain, most of which is from a type of scar tissue that should fade within the 6months-1year range. I'm just past 3 months.

The last 5 weeks of school I was biking regularly, averaging probably 12miles/day 4days/week. I've been kinda slack since break, but I imagine I'll get back on that once school starts back up next week.

I had 5 of my 6 sessions with an awesome creativity coach I did some graphic design work for in March. She caught me saying something like, "if only I didn't get on the computer first thing in the morning..." and we worked out a plan where my computer automatically shuts off every night at 1am, and I don't turn it on in the morning until I've done at least 15 minutes of drawing (or coloring/working on a personal project) for me.

What's the difference? I used to try and feed my artistic soul on commissions, telling myself I was having fun with them. And in most cases, I was, but the problem was, I was pursuing someone else's ideas, rather than finding my own passions. There's a subtle but profound difference when you consistently have a little time to work on whatever it is you LOVE.


That's where this one came from. It started with the intention to take up no more than half the page, with the character at the bottom. I got frustrated with the drawing and set it aside. The next morning, I went wild, adding the birds and the sun, fleshing out the trees a bit and adding the cat. I'd started having fun with it. The next day I was delighted to discover a playground in the back, and I started to flesh out the leaves. Bit by bit, it became a finished illustration. I fought a lot with the blue. I really wanted it to be more more monochromatic warms, but the blues and purples just fought their way in there.
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Wip for my boyfriend's birthday today (the fourth). It's at a fairly pretty spot right now, so I went ahead and showed it to him around midnight.

Needless to say, he loves it so far. =]
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Moving day.

I've been having good beginnings lately. This will be one of them.

I'll make an art post here, soon. I've got some catching up to do.



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