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2012-07-10 03:45 pm
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get well soon

Look, I'm posting on a somewhat regular basis!

I've spent the past couple days with a case of the congested stupids. That is, I caught some kind of cold from Joshua (who had it on his birthday, poor guy, now I know why he wanted to just stay home that day). It has my sinuses in a funk and took most of my brain with it. I guess that's what I get for wearing myself out helping friends move on saturday, and sustaining myself on the beer and junk food they provided.

It was good though, I'd been lonely and desperately needed to spend time with people I could talk to without feeling strained. Once the trucks were emptied into their new place we all hung around for a few hours talking about whatever and I felt a lot better for doing it, even though the congestion started that night and has not yet let up.

School starts back up tomorrow. There were about a million things I would have preferred to do before it started, but 'getting well' trumps all that. Though I think I am feeling better today, if only a little. I've started going through the boxes in my office, throwing some stuff out, trying to organize others. That's always a good thing.

The old stomping grounds...

This image was part of a project I did last quarter. The project was a get well card with a die-cut. This is the front, except the dinosaur guy was cut out and visible through the back of the card, with the text "The old stomping grounds..."

On the inside, you can see the rest of the dinosaur, and his raised foot is in a cast and he's crying. The inside text reads "they just aren't the same without you. Get well soon!" I came up with the concept and the illustration, and talked to my Pop about the caption, since I knew he'd come up with something good.

Been getting in some illustrator practice lately, but I still feel like I need lots of work with it to get comfortable and fast. Part of my problem is I'm still thinking in terms of lines that are colored in, when Illustrator really shines with shapes. Practice, practice.
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2012-07-05 03:39 pm
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La Luna

omg this came out 95% prettier than like anything I've ever drawn before. Idk. I like the direction my illustration has been moving lately. And that its been moving at all. XD

25 stars for his quarter-century. And probably other symbolism and whatnot in there, too, unsurprisingly. =]
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2012-07-05 10:22 am
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I'm close to done with La Luna for Joshua. The moon, roses, and characters are basically done; I just need to finish the sky. Omg its so pretty. It stayed in this really ephemeral blue/green/violet range. I caught Joshua staring at it and drooling a couple times yesterday as I worked. Not really, he mostly played Diablo3 and watched Will&Grace, but he's been a little under the weather. We did go to PF Chang for his bday dinner, though. It was basically the only place open. Good, but overpriced. Oof.

Here, let me recap last quarter at least.

Finished my 4th quarter at the Art Institute. Only two classes, so I wasn't quite as stressed as the previous quarter. Maintained 4.0 gpa... probably have an unhealthy obsession with perfection. I did try to enjoy the projects I had, and ended up with about 2.5 projects that I was legitimately proud of. (OH! Here's the ".5"... I cringe. But look at the little flash comics. And like, the stuff I wrote. I think that part is pretty good.)

Moved 1.5 times since my surgery. Just moved in to a great place with Joshua where we plan to stay a while. Cool neighbors, too! Nice little part of southern midtown sacto.

Oh, Surgery has been healing well. I'm still kinda taking it easy on the physical stuff, and there is like residual chest pain, most of which is from a type of scar tissue that should fade within the 6months-1year range. I'm just past 3 months.

The last 5 weeks of school I was biking regularly, averaging probably 12miles/day 4days/week. I've been kinda slack since break, but I imagine I'll get back on that once school starts back up next week.

I had 5 of my 6 sessions with an awesome creativity coach I did some graphic design work for in March. She caught me saying something like, "if only I didn't get on the computer first thing in the morning..." and we worked out a plan where my computer automatically shuts off every night at 1am, and I don't turn it on in the morning until I've done at least 15 minutes of drawing (or coloring/working on a personal project) for me.

What's the difference? I used to try and feed my artistic soul on commissions, telling myself I was having fun with them. And in most cases, I was, but the problem was, I was pursuing someone else's ideas, rather than finding my own passions. There's a subtle but profound difference when you consistently have a little time to work on whatever it is you LOVE.


That's where this one came from. It started with the intention to take up no more than half the page, with the character at the bottom. I got frustrated with the drawing and set it aside. The next morning, I went wild, adding the birds and the sun, fleshing out the trees a bit and adding the cat. I'd started having fun with it. The next day I was delighted to discover a playground in the back, and I started to flesh out the leaves. Bit by bit, it became a finished illustration. I fought a lot with the blue. I really wanted it to be more more monochromatic warms, but the blues and purples just fought their way in there.
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2012-07-04 12:35 am
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La Luna (wip)

Wip for my boyfriend's birthday today (the fourth). It's at a fairly pretty spot right now, so I went ahead and showed it to him around midnight.

Needless to say, he loves it so far. =]
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2012-05-04 10:35 am
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seth posts doodles

Remember how last year I started a Tumblr but then lost steam? D=

Well, last week Joshua went around the house and took pictures of all the post-it note doodles that are literally all over the house. Most are in the living room, but they are also in cupboards, closets and hidden everywhere. It's like an easter egg hunt in here.

We set them up as a queue on my tumblr and now there's starting to be a good amount up stuff up there. =] Still not entirely clear on how the queue works lol, but we'll get the hang of it.

I need to get a tip jar on there sometime, but otherwise, there's some art for you to enjoy!

Joshua might start posting most of my sketches for me. I want to teach him how to do stuff with photoshop, we'll see how that goes. What do you think?

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2012-02-18 10:48 am
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AIGA design scholarship.

Here's a poster for one of my classes. The final design was done in a couple days, but the preliminary work went on for over a month, and included over 140 layout roughs. Craziness.

I keep finding new and interesting ways to fight against my illustrator-self. I'm learning design and don't want to default to trying to illustrate everything, but at the same time, when I tap into illustrator-mind, I tend to acheive the best results. Always, everything in moderation.

BY THE WAY that's a real scholarship, so if anyone is a full-time art student, or knows full-time art students, they should definitely apply.
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2011-12-29 09:44 am
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Today is more beautiful than yesterday.

I drew this dogdogdog christmas morning when Enzo went back to sleep after setting up my new Cintiq. Actually its the only thing I've drawn so far completely with the cintiq- I think I'm in love with Sai painter but my trail version expired so now my method of saving means taking a screencap. Heh, That's cool, though, I don't mind too much. Its on my wishlist.

Speaking of wishlists, after a day of epic stresses and generally crummy feelings both related to money and not, I came home from a small pre-new-years' "Will&Grace" gathering at Joshua's to find in the mail a claim form for unemployment... that showed that I'd been granted redemption basically and would resume getting funds. I guess the universe just wanted me to understand... maybe how much I'd grown to depend on it. It was definitely a fairly hefty reality check.

So now I'm entering the new year determined to be very responsible with my funds, to get my credit card paid down a bit (again... after a couple big purchases to help me with school- camera and computer), to rebuild my savings, to be careful about spending.

I can breathe again!

And I'll still be scanning some sketchbook animals and things to share!

(lol- speaking of timing, one of my old debts- an electric bill from back in Orlando- just called and relieved me of 176$. But at least that will stop being a scrape on my credit score soon...)
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2011-12-23 02:46 pm

tea with the half-god

Sorry for the silence for a few days, there. I was working on one project that I'm going to wait until after christmas to post about, and this new illustration for [ profile] digitalis.

If you aren't familiar already with Lynn's comic, Prydwen, I encourage you to check it out! I believe the first volume is being printed in full color this January, for release at FC.
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2011-12-17 04:38 pm
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Cuddlepus ACEO

Yay, I'm on a roll! If two commissions completed in two days counts as a roll. XD Better than I've done on commissions so far in 2011. That's okay, 2011 has been a pretty awesome year for other reasons.

This one is for [ profile] meglyman. I hope to put it on some zazzle things too. Its fun to work with some sort of limitation, in the case of ACEO cards, they are so small its not hard to pack in the detail. =]

He has a tiger shark plushie. <3

ETA- My goodness its a lot of fun to make stuff with Zazzle. >_< <- Big stickers <- Tiny Heart stickers
I put it on postage stamps, too, but those apparently need to be approved first before they can be sold.
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2011-12-16 05:58 pm

Kangaroo Dawn

I did this thing for Fauxpaw. I like it. =]
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2011-12-04 06:20 pm
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More about projects.

Createspace seems pretty cool.

I submitted my file last night, this morning it had been approved.

I ordered my proof this morning, and just got an email saying it had been shipped.

Granted, I paid for 2-day shipping, but still.


Today I found myself basically starting over on my CD project. I scaled down and focused in a lot, though, which should allow me to put out a much tighter finished piece. I think I'm going to need to do an anime-style illustration for it, though, which is a little intimidating; as Joe Thiel used to say, 'Don't draw anime, there's a whole country of people who do that better than you.'


Here's a picture I drew back in september so this post isn't super boring.
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2011-11-20 09:38 pm
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Illustrator Phoenix

Phoenix has been a powerful symbol for me since high school, though honestly its been since high school that I’ve used them in my art much. They pop up every now and then, though, and I generally don’t complain. This was done in Adobe Illustrator- which I hadn’t messed with in years. The last chapter in my InDesign textbook talked about ID’s pen tool/vector functionality, which reminded me that Illustrator’s pen worked much the same. So with that review, I was able to do this. I think in the past I didn’t like Illustrator much because it ALLOWS for so much precision, instead of just having fun with the tools, I focused on getting every bit of it PERFECT OMG and that just takes every ounce of fun out of it, you know? So this time I just tried to focus on letting the shapes kind of do what they wanted, acting more as a guide than a strict commander.

(I have this problem when I draw spread wings like that. The perspective never quite feels right. Anyone have any tips?)
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2011-11-12 09:04 pm
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Once upon a midnight dreary

Haven't posted this here yet, sorry about that!

Enzo's building my new computer. It's exciting but slow going since he didn't get to work on it
at all yesterday, and today we discovered that the monitor I got had two columns of dead pixels.
Fortunately our friend Amanda had come over and didn't mind taking us back to Fry's to ex-
change it. 

I'm excited but mostly it just doesn't quite seem real yet.


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2011-11-06 05:10 pm
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I've missed posting a few, but I'll catch up at some point. In the meantime, here's one of my favorites so far, done this morning. =]
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2011-11-03 08:04 am
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digital doodlehacks

I reemerge, blinking in the harsh sunlight, having again poured about 72 hours straight, barring a little sleep (not enough), into classwork.

Aside from the pacing, I'm loving it.

Here are my digital doodlehacks from Tuesday and Wednesday. The kangaroo was done right before my homework for InDesign class, the Dragons were from last night. Last night I was tired and grumpy and resistant to doing anything, but I'm glad I did.

I'm holding myself to this DAILY thing. Like a birthday present to myself. Otherwise I'd never do anything fun for myself and I'd get really grumpy and resentful of my schoolwork.

I just realized both of these happen to have been doodled 'for' other people. The 'roo was a doodle to figure out some things about a commission I've been sitting on for Fauxpaw. And the dragons remind me of Chaos, but if you look closely you'll notice they are Hexadragons for no particular reason. I do have a commission for him but it won't be anything like this. Had fun with these, wasn't thinking about them as commissions- Just scanned drawings I thought would be fun to mess with.
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2011-10-31 01:57 pm
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Coyote + Sun

I'm taking part in a daily art thing for november. I wasn't sure what I'd do with it because we set our own challenges, and above all it is meant to be fun and encourage us to play around with something that inspires us but that we might not normally get to do/enough.

But then I thought about the coyote moon picture I posted. Just a little goofing off in photoshop turned it into a totally different picture.

So I tried again.

And I think I'm going to try doing it every day for a month.

I bet I'll get a lot better with weird photoshop effects.

Bonus! It'll feed into my photoshop class this quarter!

Okay, I guess I better get back to my homework. >_
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2011-10-30 06:16 pm
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Coyote + Moon

A thing I drew the other day. Scanned and goofed around with it in PS. Plenty else I'm sure I could think to do with it, but I'm supposed to be working on a CD project.

I'm trying to post art on a regular basis- what do you think?


CD project is annoying. It's a first draft, so he's not going to kill us if the work isn't spectacular, but I don't want to come in there with nothing to show for the past week, either.

We need 5 different type system layouts. So far I have three... ish. I'm not thrilled with any of them, but I don't feel like I know what exactly I should be looking for to make them better.

The graphic design stuff is pretty humbling. I feel totally lost, like I'm somehow stumbling through my projects as though by accident. It's like it's a totally different vocabulary from illustration, with deceptive similarities. Like Spanish and Italian languages, maybe.

Maybe I'll try to get my layouts into a form I can post so you all can point and laugh at my incompetency critique me. I know I've got a few friends here at least who more than dabble in graphic design. =]

I find myself wishing for an online critique community for graphic design, like style or something. I mean, Yerf's critique groups back in the day taught me a LOT, even if there were eventually bad habits I needed to unlearn. It was a great encouragement to learn, and it was cool having a sense of community about making the art better.
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2011-10-29 09:25 am
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(no subject)

Graphic design has been eating my brain lately! I mostly love it, but I'm having to find tricky ways to keep myself moving forward every day. School's got me producing at a much faster pace than I'm used to, which is good, but pretty draining!

In response, I'm trying to keep myself drawing and doodling on a daily basis to constantly remind myself that art is meant to be fun!

I had a bit of a heartbreak earlier this week, though, when my jeans (it finally got cool enough to stop wearing shorts every day) - My jeans spit out my pocket sketchbook on the bike ride to school. Four hours later on my way home, no sign of it. I hope whoever found it appreciated what they found, because -nothing- in there was scanned, and there were at LEAST 2-3 pictures in there that I'm dying over losing, and what's almost worse is I don't even REMEMBER what was on half of those pages!

Tell me about your classes this quarter!
Full image and more text under cut )
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2011-10-22 10:13 pm
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the shamans

I'm ready for this to be done. Actually I wasn't sure how I was
going to finish it until I tried test-saving it. I love messing
around with save for web and seeing what it looks like with 2,
4, 8, 16, 32 colors only. I like seeing how few colors I can get
away with. This is 32.

I started this 4 1/2 years ago.

[color variation]
do not attempt to adjust your tv set improper use of monitor control functions could have adverse effects on you and your families health if problems persist please consult your physician if this is a true medical emergency please hang up and call 91
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2011-10-19 12:07 pm
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Fall 2011

Hello livejournal and dreamwidth!

I'm posting to let you know that I am alive and well. School is blasting my face off but I'm loving it, and doing my best to work on fun stuff for myself in the meantime to keep from burning out in a glorious bonfire - only ashes by morning.

I want to start sharing more of my life online, stop being such a lurker.

This quarter my three classes are Typography 2 and Digital Layout, both in InDesign, and Image Manipulation, which is a photoshop class. Talk about Adobe immersion!

But I'm picking up InDesign pretty quickly, and I'm excited to apply the understanding to my sketch zine I'm going to be making.

Soon, soon, *snooze*