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Since I've been actually enjoying these commissions, and I've finished the ones people have contacted me about (though I did find my list and will be contacting everyone else this week) ...

I'm going to open for one commission right now, guaranteed done by christmas (though physical copy might be another story...)

I think it might be best to attempt to hold an auction here in my LJ... hopefully this will be as fair as possible to all who are interested.

So ladder auction-
Starting bid is $10- gets you a 10-20 minute scribble with my brushpens in my sketchbook. random example
$20- The scribble will be simply colored digitally (such as), or more detailed scribble (I'd consider this a more detailed scribble)

Starting at $50, you get a little more of my time. Something like the cuddlepus ACEO in size and detail.
$90 or more gets you something more along the lines of Kangaroo dreaming the dawn.

Depending on how this goes I might open for more, one at a time, once this is finished.

Auction works like this-
Please place your bid as a reply to the person you are outbidding
Please be kind to one another!
If needed I will move this auction to ebay but I'd rather keep it local.

Anonymous bids allowed but please EMAIL me (ideamutt-at-gmail) when you place a bid so that I know who is bidding. If I don't get an email your bid will not count!

Auction will close at noon(pacific time) tomorrow, or half an hour after the last bid after that.

Please keep bids in the Livejournal comments; comments will be disabled on dreamwidth.
Thank you to everyone interested!


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