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Been really busy this week, since my mom's been in town. Now I'm at work as usual, and spent way too long trying to catch up on LJ and facebook stuff.

I'll try to get a real update here soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to drop off some links so I can close the tabs in my browser. >__>

Andrew Bird- Dark Matter
(Do you wonder where the self resides
Is it in the head or between your sides
And who would be the one who will decide
it's two locations)

I'd never heard of this canadian teen show, but now I'm interested in checking it out.

Life of a Dandelion
Cute blog my mom showed me written by the mother of a transgender boy

I am J
This book hasn't come out yet, but my mom scored an advance reading copy and passed it on to me. I'm going to try to do a proper book review soon. Also I think it's going to end up being the perfect thing to send to my pop to help him understand where I'm coming from with all this trans stuff.

Toxic lube
This is scary. ;__;

Mental Iterations
poem by Elizabeth Barrette
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Gosh, this is discouraging. -__-
(Skyler was applying for a job and got a gender no-match letter, which so far has prevented him from getting rehired by a company he worked for previously under his old name. Apparently one has to have had Gender Reassignment Surgery in order to change your social security gender marker.)

more info-

I really want to get my state ID and stuff changed over as soon as possible, but I worry that will make it difficult for me to get other jobs in the future. Here's hoping I actually do have some job security here.

Also, sometimes my job is very demoralizing. I should not have agreed to cover an extra shift, PARTICULARLY the one right between my other shifts. I haven't been home since friday, and because my supervisor forgot to make sure we had community activity money before going out of town for the weekend, we couldn't even break the monotony by going to see a movie or something. Sure, there may have been plenty of free activities available, but it is almost impossible to get A to go out and do ANYTHING and if it doesn't involve spending money, quite frankly, she ain't interested. And of course since she was bored all weekend despite my efforts, she was in a bad mood and in return ended up taking it out on S and myself. Me more than S, because she was smart enough to retreat into her room, whereas I didn't have that option.

I get to go home tomorrow at 9, but I have to be back here at 4pm for another shift. Tuesday morning can't come soon enough. -__-

A told me I was pretty while I was making dinner. She does that, periodically, and I always just grit my teeth and say thank you. This time she went on to tell me that she was picturing me in a dress and stockings and high heels. And telling me how I should get a pedicure or a manicure and get fake nails on. I know she doesn't know yet, I know it's a mistake of ignorance and not malice, I know she was even trying to be complimentary, but it still feels pretty awful, and makes me worry that even when she does know, she won't be accepting, at all.

Sorry for the emo, guys. I wish I was going to be sleeping in my own bed, tonight.


Jun. 10th, 2010 09:20 am
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I keep picking up this book my roommate, Eira got. "True Selves- Understanding Transexualism" She's going to be sending it to her parents, soon, to help them understand her situation. So If I want to read it I need to hurry up.

I'm having a hard time relating to it. Maybe it would be easier if they used the right pronouns, but through the whole book they use birth pronouns and gendered names. And I hate it, even if in most other respects it does a good job of explaining things to 'families, friends, coworkers, and helping professionals.' That that one, simple, most basic courtesy is completely ignored just undermines all the good the book could do. At least in my mind.

I think what a lot of people fail to understand is that transgender people aren't 'girls who want to be boys' or 'boys who want to be girls.' We are men and women trapped from birth in BODIES of the opposite/wrong gender.

Forced, in most cases, into a society that expects us to behave according to certain gender stereotypes of that wrong gender. And oh my god society is cruel to those who fail to conform.

I had kind of intended to write more about my history in this post but I'm in a foul mood compared to saturday-tuesday and everything I've been writing looks incredibly snarky and grumpy to me so I'll save it.


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