May. 30th, 2010 03:38 pm
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[] Shower crayons

[] art blocks, commissions, and apologies

- countdown four days till tday (!!!!!!!!!!)

[] would like to do yoga to the people on tuesday- (invite ari)

- Might get a pair of vibram fivefingers, today, if I can find one in my size

[] don't forget to pay your bills, seth.

[]- how do I take care of this piece of ivy? it's dying D= It's in water, maybe I should get it some dirt. 0__0

- drink more water, drink it all the time. >:[ <- that face looks way more scornful on my droid

- Finally getting my room situated a way I like it... interestingly enough, it comes with deliberately shoving most of the furniture uncomfortably close together to make room to work out.

- still poking at p90x. So far I've only done the first half hour each of Yoga-X and 'Legs and Back', and all of X-Stretch. Yoga and Stretch had me sore for like four days, took it a little easier with legs/back and did a lot better. I could feel the muscles building the next day, but not to a painful degree, like with the other. Also my medial gastrocs are a little insane and I only noticed it this weekend (because I was totally flexing and caressing the muscles in my legs later in the day and the next day. Good burning).

[] downoad avatar to show to A in hopes she'll go see it with me this summer.

- Saw 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' the other day. It was long. An accurate portrayal of the book, but not particularly noteworthy otherwise. =P Does, however, make me want to actually get around to reading the sequel my mom gave me for christmas.

- finally bought a vacuum. Was disappointed to realize it didn't have the spinny things to sweep the carpet, almost took it back, but really desperately wanted to vacuum my floor before I worked out so went ahead and tried it. At least it sucks, which makes it work better than a lot of vacuums I've used in the past. Wonder if I can still exchange it if the filter is covered in cat hair?

- Okay, time for errands. New barefoot shoes maybe!
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Some things I've been enjoying lately.
Grapes, plums, tangerines, and a mango. Andrew Bird. Season 5 of House, season 3 of Doctor Who, season 1 of Flight of the Conchords, and new/ongoing episodes of Fringe and Big Bang Theory. Avocado Snow Bubble (avocado smoothie with tapioca bubbles) today from tapioca express. The weird three-bean ice drink from a local pho place. Mr. Rindel Pinkerton. Sloths that hold stuffed animals.

Books that I have started reading and still plan to finish 'soon'.
Terry Pratchett- "Equal Rites", Robert Jordan- "The Fires of Heaven", Jamison Green- "Becoming a Visible Man", Steig Larsson- "The Girl Who Played with Fire", Frank Herbert- "Chapterhouse Dune". Today I also picked up the next Robert Jordan book because I'm almost finished with that one, and Kurt Vonnegut's "God Bless You Mr Rosewater"

Things I'm interested in pursuing more.
Drawing regularly again. Poker. Yoga and/or other forms of working out. Expanding my irl social network. Learning to do my own bike maintenance.


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