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Next time I get my shot I'll be doing it myself. Yesterday she walked me through finding the right spot on my leg and everything, and we went ahead and did the shot in my thigh instead of my arm like we were doing. It actually hurt less than in the arm, though today there's a bit of soreness. Not enough to bother me much at all, though, so unless it persists for like a week or gets worse I don't think it'll be an issue.

Events surrounding the TM4M meeting afterward. Got long, probably not terribly exciting. )
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It's made it past the ugly stage. Few more things that need to be resolved a little bit before I can move on. That little skeleton is causing me some problems at the moment that -probably- won't be too hard to deal with. Also a basic premise I'd made about the background turned out to be wrong. Better, this way, but there are certain things I need to deal with now. And then a lot of clean up and a lot of little details. I think I used to skimp on that part in my haste to get this stupid picture DONE already. But it has the potential to be the most fun, and really brings the life to an image.

It's been a long time since I've illustrated.

In other news, this week has sucked in a lot of ways. Edwin and I changed the status of our relationship on monday. I'm not really sure of the longer term implications, but I haven't talked to him since monday and insecurities are eating me alive a little bit. But I also know that if I do want it to work out at all I need to be able to stand strong on my own.

I'm also at the lowest point in my T cycle, going to get my shot at 6pm, so that's probably affected my overall mood in a negative way, too. I did talk myself into going to my trans group last night, and will be meeting up with some of them in sf right after my injection. There's a trans group that meets at... a gay safe sex club? that a few of the guys had been wanting to check out but didn't want to go alone. And it happens to be about three blocks away from where I get my shot and timed just about perfectly to head right over there afterward. So... that'll probably be interesting.
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This week wasn't great. I've got a couple things I blame it on, exercise and diet related, mostly. Little bit of bonus stress thrown in this morning because I slept in because I didn't want to deal with today, so I had less time to deal with the things I needed to deal with.

Anyway, I wanted to write a little about the transguys group I went to on wednesday. There were a dozen guys there across a pretty broad spectrum of 'what it means to be trans.' Most looked somewhere in my age range, though we're notorious for not looking our actual age. I wasn't the only one there for the first time, either, so I didn't feel like I was the only one being quiet and awkward.

I find myself looking forward to this coming wednesday. I'm trying to give myself a reason for wanting to go- everything has a reason, right?

It was nice meeting new people. I could see a variety of worldviews represented within the group but everyone there had this one thing in common that seems to allow for plenty to discuss. A desire to know more about my peers, perhaps. Seeking out people I can relate to.

Which seems odd. I am capable of relating fine to cisgendered folks- though perhaps there is some appeal to a group of people I know I have something in common with just sitting around waiting for me to meet them. Or something like that.

On the other hand, why am I surprised to find myself reaching out and wanting to meet new people? It seems downright normal to look for ways to meet new people, perhaps I've just been self-cloistered all my life. That isn't surprising, given the circumstances.


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