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Oh, friends, I thought my life was busy.

I was wrong.


The reduction in stress levels due to now having an income more than balances the scales.

I have very little time, but I feel overall pretty great.

I've noticed a slight increase in 'grumpiness' at certain times... often directed at Joshua for his tendency to create more mess than he cleans. I know the real reason is self-frustration at not being able to keep the place cleaner myself, even though more help would be really nice.


I spent my first paycheck on a birthday gift for my sister, Artrage, printer cartridges, and debts. lol

The next one will probably go to bike repair and rent. But hey, being able to pay my rent is way better than not. And better for Joshua, too. Yep.
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Look, I'm posting on a somewhat regular basis!

I've spent the past couple days with a case of the congested stupids. That is, I caught some kind of cold from Joshua (who had it on his birthday, poor guy, now I know why he wanted to just stay home that day). It has my sinuses in a funk and took most of my brain with it. I guess that's what I get for wearing myself out helping friends move on saturday, and sustaining myself on the beer and junk food they provided.

It was good though, I'd been lonely and desperately needed to spend time with people I could talk to without feeling strained. Once the trucks were emptied into their new place we all hung around for a few hours talking about whatever and I felt a lot better for doing it, even though the congestion started that night and has not yet let up.

School starts back up tomorrow. There were about a million things I would have preferred to do before it started, but 'getting well' trumps all that. Though I think I am feeling better today, if only a little. I've started going through the boxes in my office, throwing some stuff out, trying to organize others. That's always a good thing.

The old stomping grounds...

This image was part of a project I did last quarter. The project was a get well card with a die-cut. This is the front, except the dinosaur guy was cut out and visible through the back of the card, with the text "The old stomping grounds..."

On the inside, you can see the rest of the dinosaur, and his raised foot is in a cast and he's crying. The inside text reads "they just aren't the same without you. Get well soon!" I came up with the concept and the illustration, and talked to my Pop about the caption, since I knew he'd come up with something good.

Been getting in some illustrator practice lately, but I still feel like I need lots of work with it to get comfortable and fast. Part of my problem is I'm still thinking in terms of lines that are colored in, when Illustrator really shines with shapes. Practice, practice.

Fall 2011

Oct. 19th, 2011 12:07 pm
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Hello livejournal and dreamwidth!

I'm posting to let you know that I am alive and well. School is blasting my face off but I'm loving it, and doing my best to work on fun stuff for myself in the meantime to keep from burning out in a glorious bonfire - only ashes by morning.

I want to start sharing more of my life online, stop being such a lurker.

This quarter my three classes are Typography 2 and Digital Layout, both in InDesign, and Image Manipulation, which is a photoshop class. Talk about Adobe immersion!

But I'm picking up InDesign pretty quickly, and I'm excited to apply the understanding to my sketch zine I'm going to be making.

Soon, soon, *snooze*
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I've been withdrawing from the internet lately. I still skim lj and fb but I think I'm more likely to miss things. It feels good, like I have better things to do with myself.

One of my brothers is in California from ky, so I got to see him a couple times this week. Our pop and his mom were both contacting me this morning to make sure he's okay. I told him he needs to call his parents. He's loving cali, though, and I'm really glad he's here.

I've been drawing more lately. Like, a lot. I call them doodles because I'm working on just putting lines down and being okay with what comes out, rather than nitpicking and erasing/redrawing the life out of everything.

Somewhere in art school, or maybe all through art school, and at yerf! before that, I got the idea drilled in that art wasn't good unless it was -perfect- and redrawn to fix anatomy, composition, perspective. Somewhere in there it stops being fun and starts being work.

So I'm trying now to be more honest right there on the paper. Whatever comes out there isn't wrong, it's from me. I can own it, mistakes and all, and learn from each drawing. I've gotten to where I'm pretty happy with what's coming out, though I still want to diversify more. That'll come with time, and training myself to fill all the spaces in between other activities with just a little time in a sketchbook.

I'm actually pretty happy to report that after the first day and a half of pokemon white, I haven't played for more than an hour or two each day. I'm okay with taking it slow. I did sneak in a pokerus with my suicune and celebi, so if anyone wants me to infect them I can be helpful (I like being helpful!). I don't really have anything else cool to offer to trade, as I'm only around my fourth badge. >_<

2279 5944 2164 Seth pokemon white!
Current team-
Myopia/Drilbur lv18, Toffee/Lillipup lv25, BQ/Pignite lv23, Boomi/Cronkeldurr lv30, Iggy/Blitzle lv24, MILEYCYRUS/Lilligant lv19 (that is Edwin's pokemon- he named it and got much joy from making it Teeter Dance)

I'm moving to Sacramento at the end of the month, but will still be in the bay pretty regularly to chill with my peeps. I've been basically living there increasingly over the past couple months, so this'll just save on the rent between us. And gives Eira's friend a place to live out here so he can escape Georgia.

Finally got my IHSS paychecks. *fireworks* But it's basically spent already- a chunk to bills, some debts I've put off, as much as I can to credit card debt. Angsting over whether I should use the money for a name change or put that off and be closer to having the credit card paid off. I know what I -should- do, and I know what I really -want- to do. Darnit.

Tell me something awesome that's happened to you recently!
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So I've lost my job. They found a live-in for S, so the remaining hours for her other support staff got cut down to nearly nothing, and I drew the short straw, or, I suppose, had it drawn for me. I worked a little over three hours today, and I've got one last overnight shift tomorrow. I spent most of today getting things taken care of like student loan deferment paperwork and starting the application for unemployment checks.

I found out about this while on vacation. Good times, right? Well, I'd known something like it was coming for the past month at least, and honestly I'm glad they made it a clean break rather than just cutting my hours down to nothing.

So I'm working on getting my resume cleaned up. Need to hit up the old craigslist. At least this time around I have internet access at home. Last year I had to keep dragging my computer out to Peets or the Library.

Anyway, I'll be getting back to those last couple commissions from the recent round probably starting Sunday, unless tomorrow ends up being spectacularly productive for me and I can start on them early.

I think I owe myself a yoga class tomorrow morning.


The trip went well. The wedding was pretty uneventful. Which is a good thing, I think, all considered. The father-of-the-bride fairly pointedly was too busy to speak with me directly even once. His wife did, though. She gets points for effort. I got to talk to Charis, the bride's older sister, and my closest-in-age cousin, for a few minutes and we ended up connecting on facebook so hopefully I'll be able to have some sort of ongoing relationship with that corner of the family.

The old Winchester house was the same and different. My stepmom is living in Lexington, now, separated from my Pop for about a year now. Cadence is living with her, though I did get to see her a couple times- once for her baby shower(!) on thursday in Lexington, and then Friday and Sunday she was down in Winchester a couple times. Dresden Amery Watkins(?) is due November 16, but Cadence told me she planned on having him on my birthday on Tuesday. It's a family birthday- Pop's father was born on November 9th, too.

Ricky and his wife and my nephew Parker came down for Cadence's shower and then to Winchester friday night for a big family get together. Parker's about 11 months old now and made Pop realize how not-babyproof the old house is. Between Parker and Dresden and Ricky & Dani's second-on-the-way, there's going to be kids crawling all over the place there over the next few years.

Got to hang out with Chase a lot. I'm glad we've developed a good relationship over the past few visits. We're going to try and road trip it up in the spring from KY to CA or something.
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So I'm at a crossroad in my life. Enough has fallen out of place that I have to move on to the next thing. My hours were pretty severely cut back, I think I'm going to be making about 600$ less a month. If I cut back to the bare minimum of bills and still have grocery money I don't know if I can live off that, though there are a few things I need to re-sort and do that budget in the meantime.

The point is, I also don't really want to settle for tightening my belt and getting by. Which looks like it means getting another job.

But then, another job I get would be in the same field I've been working, some sort of personal care job, right? Is THAT the kind of career direction I want to pursue? Just because that's where I can find decently paying jobs with my credentials?

So this morning I was talking with Eira about my situation and we were bouncing ideas off each other for ridiculous schemes involving getting rich living off buttons, and I expressed dismay at being almost out of all my delicious, delicious supplements, and then I expressed a desire to know what all the supplements in that tub of aftershock -were- and what they were for, and Eira, who has been my roommate for over a year now, and has watched me develop a rabid fascination toward fitness and fitness nutrition said to me, "You should go into Sports Medicine."

And now I'm thinking. Well, perhaps maybe I should. And then I cower in thought of my already staggering student loans and repayment plans and ridiculously high locked-in interest rates. But then, to pay them off, ever, I'm going to need a career that makes a lot of money. And I'm thinking, personal trainers make a lot of money.

Is this something I should be seriously looking into? Or is my mind in denial or trying to bargain with me about having to sort through craigslist and put together my resume and deal with trying to get hired somewhere as a trans guy pre legal mumbo jumbo and my gosh there's a lot weighing on my mind right now.
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So, there's life, and there's more life. I've been keeping myself pretty busy so I'm not sure what this update is actually going to be about. I'll try starting with a quick recap.

Tuesday I went and checked out my new gym, vry excite. Went home, worked out, cleaned some and prepared for DESCENT night. Descent didn't start until 9pm, started with four heroes (I was the Dark Overlord/DM). Eira's mom took off around 2am, and Eira was running both characters, but the extra character ended up being the heroes' downfall since it was left next to all my monsters while in a very weakened state when they didn't have enough conquest points for that character to die. Game ended around 6am, passed out around 7 after unwinding with Eira a bit.

Wednesday I got up around 1230pm. Was lazy and skipped my workout, but did go to my ftm group meeting. Got home, went to walgreens for milk, showered, and basically passed out for the rest of the night.

Thursday I got up at 8, got my workout done early, showered, and Edwin came over. We spent some time discussing what was going on with us/our relationship. Went to GWPC (gym) and took the belaying class so we could toprope climb. I mostly just wanted to go up and didn't worry about the specific courses, so I got to the top a few times. He was more focused on getting up with the actual courses that were set, and didn't get as far. The one time I focused specifically on the course and not using holds that weren't part of the course, I wore out quicker and only got about halfway up. If I'd thought about it I would have just leaned back in the harness and rested and kept going, but I came down instead. Hands were pretty sore when we left- I need to develop some callouses. We had Ethiopian for dinner, and that was the first time I've been to that restaurant where I didn't come home with a ton of leftovers. There was some leftover sides and bread but no meat so we didn't bother taking it.

Friday I had to get up early to go down to the clinic and get some blood drawn. Edwin took the bart down with me and we parted ways at Embarcadero. It's rough knowing I won't see him again for two weeks. Hopefully will be able to hang in there alright. Got to the clinic, fell asleep in the waiting room, and then couldn't stay awake on the way home, either. Passed out for two and a half hours when I got home and could have easily stayed asleep for three or four more but had to get ready for work. Barely managed to stay completely conscious while preparing dinner, and ended up basically going to bed at 8pm, though I had to get up for about 20 minutes at 930 to get A her meds, and again at about 11 to help S get ready for bed.

Dreamed that I was going to my cousin's wedding (she was marrying one of my friends from HS, in the dream), and that Suzanne, my pop's to-be-ex-wife was giving me flac about what I was wearing and trying to get me to wear female clothes. In the dream I kept going around in circles trying to explain my gender identity and stuff but she wouldn't have it. Anyway I ended up wearing a suit to the wedding but then getting insulted that I didn't get to be one of the groomsmen, because in my dream it was apparently really important that I get to be one of the groomsmen. It was all centered on getting to wear one of the boutonniere flower things, which seems really odd to my waking mind.

This morning I got up at 8 and called Pop to see if he'd discussed with his brother at all the possibility of me coming to my cousin's wedding. He hadn't, but he had talked to one of his sisters, and she seemed to think it wouldn't be too much of an issue with most of the family, though if it was an issue with anyone, it would be Wade. Personally I think it should be Tembre's decision, since it's her wedding, but Wade has a way of making everything his business. So I dunno.

Now that I've gone through all that I know what I want to write a real post about so I'll do that next. XD


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