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Anyone want to get me an epic present? lol. He's gorgeous, though, isn't he? =]

I've been ogling a lot of missmonster's stuff recently, because I'm using her work for a catalog project right now.

That I really should be working on. Due tomorrow. With a process book for the entire quarter.

Save me.

Just gotta last through thursday, then I get a nice break.

PS I've been using pinterest lately to collect links to some of my favorite pieces of mine. Care to follow?


Nov. 4th, 2010 01:51 pm
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I'm sure this wishlist is way too late for my birthday, mom, but just in case, and for christmas if not...

Pajama pants. Flannel, not fleece. Medium. I like greyscale with red.
Pants. The pants you got me last year were great, I'd still be wearing them if they didn't develop a hole in the butt. ;_; 34x30
I need a good tie clip.

I've been eyeing 1-2 Terabyte external hard drives. The HD on my laptop is full. =/ The 1tb ones are about 100$

A good yoga matt, cause the cheap one I got at walmart isn't cutting it.

A 50'-75' length of 2" rope, for undulation training (forearm and grip strength) (100-150$ish)

An Acecard for my DS, though I might just get this for myself or bribe Toni for it cause he knows where to get them. I think they also require a Micro SD card, so I need one of those, too. >_<

Rockclimbing shoes... in the form of money to get them because I'll need to try them on to find a pair that fits right.

Oh, and I'd love to get that drawing lamp back over here, it was fantastic and I don't have a desk lamp at all right now.

(Just got back from my trip yesterday, more relevant post later!)

Access to some of [ profile] haikujaguar's fiction on Smashwords


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