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Unfinished Illustration of an anthro raccoon swimming, with a crocodile pulling on his swim trunks, like the Coppertone girl and dog.

I forget how much fun illustration can be, when I don't do it for a while.

This is a WIP for an old commission for [ profile] bencoon. This morning I randomly had an idea for it and decided to just go for it. I'm actually a little further along right now but I'd scanned it and decided to share.

Spent maybe an hour sketching and refining, and then inked it... Spent 20 minutes picking out THE EXACT TWO MARKERS I WANTED and then spent about 10 minutes absolutely terrified I was ruining it with said markers. The paper is dark grey to begin with, so I had to use REALLY saturated blues. (Copic B16 and B29 to be exact. You can see them on the tape!)

The bit about the terror got lost in that last paragraph. I could barely see my lines, after the first layer of the lighter blue over the whole thing, I started slopping on the darker blue fast and dirty. I've done this enough times to know that's way more effective than doing it painstakingly. I'll be cleaning it up later, and this is the best time for happy accidents. But it feels like riding a roller coaster, but instead of death you fear ruining this piece of artwork you've been working on for a couple hours.

Breathe. That's why you got a high-res scan of the line art, right? You did do that, didn't you? This time, yes.

And of course it all turned out okay. And it is shaping up to be lovely, too!

Ask me questions about art!


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