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So, it's February. I guess that means its officially 2011, now, huh? What? No one really counts January, do they?

I've been procrastinating everything for some time now, so today I buckled in and started crunching on it. I actually took some of my adderall to help... I hadn't been taking it because I'm off insurance currently and can't get more. Getting back on insurance, actually, is the main thing I've been working on today, because adhd meds are by far less important than my testosterone, which I'm much much much too close to running out of for my comfort.

Assuming I can gather the last bits of information I need, and can get the first month's premium for the insurance paid, my coverage should begin Feb 15. I have the number for the Kaiser Endocrinologist in Sacramento, but I'll probably need a referral from a kaiser pcp. Though once I have that, they might just make my Endo my pcp, I think. Next thing I need to do, I guess, is make some phone calls there and see what I can go ahead and schedule.

That's just one of the many things on my mind and stressing me out lately. Another is that I have not yet scheduled my top surgery. I need to do some research on medical loans. looked promising but it doesn't appear that dr Brownstein accepts any kind of credit. It looks like the surgical facility and anesthesia departments will accept credit cards, though, so if that's a big chunk of it I can still go that route there. stress stress stress

Legal name change would be awesome but I don't have a few hundred to spare right now. I still need to get money from taxes (Enzo's going to help me with this tonight), and IHSS (making plans to get up and go to IHSS friday morning). However, unless I can find a way to get a medical loan, I'm going to need every cent of that for top surgery.

I need to cancel my gym membership- I haven't gone as much as I thought/hoped I would. I'm getting out to yoga classes at least once a week, but I can probably find a better option up here in Sacramento. I'll try not to look at it as a waste. I could 'park' the membership for a few months for $10/month, and not have to pay the fee again if I want to start going there again, but on the other hand it looks like Sac State (which is basically right behind Enzo's apt) has a gym that also has rock wall stuff, so that's probably worth looking into instead.

There's probably more, but that's the heaviest stuff right now. I'm at a bottleneck in my transition because of this stuff, but once this ball gets rolling I'll be able to put some major transition milestones behind me. And that's going to feel so awesome.


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