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So I've lost my job. They found a live-in for S, so the remaining hours for her other support staff got cut down to nearly nothing, and I drew the short straw, or, I suppose, had it drawn for me. I worked a little over three hours today, and I've got one last overnight shift tomorrow. I spent most of today getting things taken care of like student loan deferment paperwork and starting the application for unemployment checks.

I found out about this while on vacation. Good times, right? Well, I'd known something like it was coming for the past month at least, and honestly I'm glad they made it a clean break rather than just cutting my hours down to nothing.

So I'm working on getting my resume cleaned up. Need to hit up the old craigslist. At least this time around I have internet access at home. Last year I had to keep dragging my computer out to Peets or the Library.

Anyway, I'll be getting back to those last couple commissions from the recent round probably starting Sunday, unless tomorrow ends up being spectacularly productive for me and I can start on them early.

I think I owe myself a yoga class tomorrow morning.


The trip went well. The wedding was pretty uneventful. Which is a good thing, I think, all considered. The father-of-the-bride fairly pointedly was too busy to speak with me directly even once. His wife did, though. She gets points for effort. I got to talk to Charis, the bride's older sister, and my closest-in-age cousin, for a few minutes and we ended up connecting on facebook so hopefully I'll be able to have some sort of ongoing relationship with that corner of the family.

The old Winchester house was the same and different. My stepmom is living in Lexington, now, separated from my Pop for about a year now. Cadence is living with her, though I did get to see her a couple times- once for her baby shower(!) on thursday in Lexington, and then Friday and Sunday she was down in Winchester a couple times. Dresden Amery Watkins(?) is due November 16, but Cadence told me she planned on having him on my birthday on Tuesday. It's a family birthday- Pop's father was born on November 9th, too.

Ricky and his wife and my nephew Parker came down for Cadence's shower and then to Winchester friday night for a big family get together. Parker's about 11 months old now and made Pop realize how not-babyproof the old house is. Between Parker and Dresden and Ricky & Dani's second-on-the-way, there's going to be kids crawling all over the place there over the next few years.

Got to hang out with Chase a lot. I'm glad we've developed a good relationship over the past few visits. We're going to try and road trip it up in the spring from KY to CA or something.
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Well today's been pretty ... it's been a day.

The most eventful thing was being assaulted by one of the ladies I work with. That sucked. She's not here tonight, which is good because I wouldn't be able to sleep if she was.

Earlier pop called me to tell me he'd called his brother to talk to him about me and see if it was okay for me to come to Tembre's wedding next month. Apparently wade brought in pop's divorce to push pop's buttons, and was blaming my mom and all sorts of ridiculous nonsense for me being trans. He claimed he'd pass my number on to Tembre, but wouldn't give pop her contact info and I doubt I'd hear from her if it was up to him. So now I'm trying to contact her or one of her sisters, and pop thinks his sister might have her contact info, too.

I'm really hoping my hand isn't too messed up to be able to do crossfit again tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, I went to my first crossfit class yesterday and it kicked my butt, but it was awesome.

I don't even remember my hand getting hit. I do remember my head getting hit. There's sore bumps but nothing too bad. My cheek's a little bruised. My hand is what I'm worried about. Not broken, just a little swollen and sore.

I want to go home and see my family. Why is my uncle a dirtbag?


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