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Those last couple commissions might have to be on hiatus until late next week. Tuesday evening I leave for my old kentucky home, and I have about a billion things to do between now and then, particularly since I have a work shift tomorrow night and my rear bike tire just went totally flat sometime on my ride home from work (I think I must have been pretty lucky to get all the way home on it). Darnit.

Anyway, I'll work on them if I get a chance, but it's looking like they'll have to wait until I get home. I'll try and do some drawing while I'm out of town, too, but I'm not going to bring my colored pencils, maybe just some brushpens to practice with.

Klandagi, Kin, and Kace, I apologize for the delay! You all have K names. 0_0 That is interesting.

Toni and Nick are coming over today for some last minute Descent. Toni bought the overworld expansion last week and the game got about a billion times better. Especially for me. Because I'm the Evil Overlord. And I get to wreak havoc and kill the hero characters over and over. But if they kill my main minions they are gone forever and that is crappy. Yeah, cause you guys care so much about nerd games, amirite? I'm sorry that today, nerd games are taking priority over getting art done. plz don't hate me.

Speaking of nerd games I got a used copy of Pokemon Platinum yesterday. The previous owner had mostly cleared out their good stuff, but left their Giratina and Dialga and a few other things that I'm going to salvage. Like some of the EV berries (I think I'm only missing 2 of the 6 now) and a few other random things. Toni's bringing his DS so I can transfer them to my HG game. It has been torture having Platinum and not being able to start playing it... I'm pretty set on chimchar. Derp. IT'S FOR THE PLANE RIDE SHUT UP.

I have no idea what to do about my bike tire- the weather is awful out and the bike shop isn't exactly close. I might just take the bus to/from work tomorrow/tuesday and deal with my bike when I get home. Except I'd rather get it taken care of. And not have to ride the bus. Blast. >:[
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I actually did try to scan art today.

It's doubtful that many of you remember that early when I moved to cali, my mom was kind enough to spend an exorbitant amount of money shipping me my scanner, which arrived broken. With the help of a then-roommate, we got it more-or-less working again. Mostly with electrical tape.

Well, apparently today was the day the old tape gave out, thus causing the scanner to produce a variety of terrible grinding noises and decline to scan.

In other words, art will be posted when I can get the darn thing functional again. I've already taken it apart and fixed the main issue, but it's still not quite right and I'm typing this as I prepare myself mentally for taking it apart again. Fortunately I gave up keeping in the screws holding the bed to the base long ago so taking it apart is not quite as much of a hassle as it sounds. Still, I was hoping not to have to do it again.


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