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Sorry for the silence for a few days, there. I was working on one project that I'm going to wait until after christmas to post about, and this new illustration for [ profile] digitalis.

If you aren't familiar already with Lynn's comic, Prydwen, I encourage you to check it out! I believe the first volume is being printed in full color this January, for release at FC.
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Yay, I'm on a roll! If two commissions completed in two days counts as a roll. XD Better than I've done on commissions so far in 2011. That's okay, 2011 has been a pretty awesome year for other reasons.

This one is for [ profile] meglyman. I hope to put it on some zazzle things too. Its fun to work with some sort of limitation, in the case of ACEO cards, they are so small its not hard to pack in the detail. =]

He has a tiger shark plushie. <3

ETA- My goodness its a lot of fun to make stuff with Zazzle. >_< <- Big stickers <- Tiny Heart stickers
I put it on postage stamps, too, but those apparently need to be approved first before they can be sold.
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I did this thing for Fauxpaw. I like it. =]
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Well, since the tiny art attempt has so far been unsuccessful (I'll keep trying though), and I'm obviously not being productive in other ways at the moment, I might as well open up for some more of those character thingies I was doing last time.

I'll keep it open for at least 24 hours, even if I miraculously get flooded, but if, as I expect, demand is at a healthy trickle, I'll be open for a few days at least. I'll probably be wanting to do something else by the end of this round, though, so if you want one/three like these, now's the time!

They are $30 for a single character like [Dr.Awesome], [Isil/Marvin TF], [Yoga Taffy (boob warning)], [Wind-up Doll Mouse]>

Or $80 for the same character three times on a page like [Higgins Dragon], [Rackety Sequential], [Klandagi (gore warning)], [Kace (boob and bong warning)].

So far I've had great results with commissioners giving me a few theme suggestions but otherwise a lot of space to play around. Many thanks to all those of you in my first round!

My paypal address is ideamutt (at)

Funds from this and all commissions will be going into my savings account for transition-related costs. (Or emergencies, but we can hope that's not going to be an issue.)
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So I've come to the end of my first round of new commissions. I'm not quite ready to open up for more, but I do want to get some feedback on what I will be offering, and for how much.

Firstly, Compare the original sample images I did with the images I did for Klandagi the other day. I can't realistically offer them for $15 each anymore, that's less than $3/hour in most cases.

I do like the three-on-a-page option, which has given me a chance to play with themes and compositions and stuff like that.

Would $30 each, $80 for three be too much? It seems a lot more reasonable for the amount of work I put into them, but I know most people don't have a ton of money to play with lately, either. I also really like that I got a lot of three-pose commissions last round, and don't want to scare people off from that.

Is there something else you'd like to see me offer? A price-range you'd prefer?

Do we really like the dark paper? (I do! But it's not in unlimited supply, I haven't seen these sketchbooks sold anywhere but that one store in orlando, ONE time that I visited. =I Sooo I'm thinking I should move on to something else soon!)

ALSO, You guys really liked that Painted Cat piece! Which is awesome! I could totally do custom commissions like that, with a specific cat (or cats?), and a pawprint painting of whatever that cat would paint, I guess. Or at least, I could take one at a time until they drive me crazy, which may be after the first one, though I could probably manage at least a small few. They take forever, though, and hurt my wrist/shoulder/spine a bit. So I have to charge a lot for them. How should I handle that? I usually go first come first served but I only want to have one commission like this at a time, and I'm pretty sure more than one person would like one, and I would prefer to avoid auction sites unless necessary... Would an auction via livejournal comments work for those of you who might be interested?
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I'm still accepting commissions for these little character things. Here's an option for three shots of the same character, which I'll offer for a slight discount- $40 for all three. They are $15 each otherwise- and I can do two characters interacting as well.

Paypal is ideamutt (at), comment here or email to order!
Thank you!
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This is what I came up with to hopefully retroactively fund my scanner purchase. I'm asking 15$ each, and they will be completed within one week. My paypal address is ideamutt at, and a description of what you would like can be commented here or emailed to that address.

Thank you.
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This weekend I...

Drew stuff! I did that kirin girl you saw yesterday, and sketches for a couple of my age-old art-oweds.

Found my list of commissions/trades owed. I'm not _quite_ as irresponsible as I'd thought. (Please do continue to respond to that other post, though, I'm likely to do those first... though there aren't quite as many things on my art owed list as I'd feared!)

Did not work out. ;__; It is HARD to divide my attention between getting art done and working out. An ongoing battle I MUST win.

Learned how to EV train pokemon. Oh god what have I gotten myself into? (Anyone wanna help me get a pokerus? Or magical EV-forgetting berries?). I fought a billion goldeens yesterday with my Machop/Machoke but then I was finally able to beat those kimonogirls.

Wrote checks for bills. Failed to put them in the mail. L__L

Did not eat as well as I should, which probably goes hand in hand with not working out. I WILL work out today.

Did not message Edwin at 9am about how much I miss him coming over when he gets off work monday mornings. I'll get to see or talk to him soon enough.

OH! and Thursday I did my own shot finally. Yeah! It was cool. I was all nervous about it but she walked me through every step, and as soon as the needle actually went in and I could prove to my nerves that THIS DOESN'T HURT, I was totally fine and she said she was impressed with how well I did. I can't believe I only get to go in three more times before I age out and can't go to dimensions anymore. At least by then I'll be able to do my own shots.
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I have been a very bad business person these past couple years. -__-

I had a list of all commissions (and trades) I owe to people, but it isn't in any of the places I remember seeing it. I will continue to search, but in the mean time,


Please leave me a comment here. Remind me that I owe you, and let me know what you'd like me to do for you. In most cases I haven't started yet, so feel free to change what you want.

If anyone I owe art has human (or humanoid) characters, and is willing to have me draw them instead of a furry or animal character, those will get priority, as that's what I'm interested in drawing right now.

Thank you all for your continued patience with me. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.


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