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Sep. 4th, 2010 03:29 pm
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So my Gym? Awesome.

I joined on Thursday, and with it came the Necessary Paperwork of Great Importance. I skipped the name blank at first and wrote in my address. And then in a burst of self-determination, I wrote in Seth in the blank for first name. On the same page were spaces for my DL# (which is still attached to my old name), and credit card info (also old name) for monthly payments. For the card info, I just wrote in [Seth] oldname lastname, and the card number.

The guy entering my info into the computer didn't even question it, welcomed me as Seth.

The other guy, teaching us the belaying course, repeatedly referred to me with male pronouns, and at one point asked if Edwin and I were brothers. It seemed particularly cool because I've entered this weird zone where most people try very hard to avoid using pronouns for me at all. I guess I'm just at that point of androgyny, though I know the scales are tipping in the right direction at this point.

It felt very good to be accepted completely like that.


Aug. 31st, 2010 09:32 am
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Yesterday was a bummer day for some reason. Well, I have theories but enough emo.

TODAY instead of going straight home from work, I headed over to the Great Western Power Company... the gym I plan on joining. I have a zillion things to do today so I couldn't climb or anything, but I did spend a little time talking to Ryan/guy working there about the place, wandering around checking out the facilities and stuff.

I am so STOKED to join up. Even taking the awesomeness of rock walls as a given, there's a nice little area sectioned off for Cross Fit, a weights and cardio room with lots of equipment I have no idea how to use, and a nice big (huge windows, well lit!) yoga room.

I plan on making as much use out of all of it as possible. Maybe not the cardio equip. Membership includes the other touchstone gyms, which was a selling point for me because I'll probably go to Berkeley Ironworks fairly often, too. There is daily Cross Fit between Ironworks and GWPC, though unfortunately several days a week I won't be able to attend due to work conflict. Yoga classes, too. I feel a need for yoga in my life but that P90x yoga vid is getting old quick, and I feel like there's a lot more that yoga has to offer than what's on that tape, and having an instructor to help my form will be a nice asset, too.

8 minute bike ride from my house, 15 from work.



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