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Last week I decided that sundays are way better for doing art than they are for running around trying to do stuff. I quite liked the model of 'finishing something in one day' that I accomplished last week. That didn't really happen this week, but I did spend a good amount of time doing some artistic problem solving.

I was trying to revisit an old sketch that I'd wanted to bring to a finished piece but after a number of tries had given up for over three years. Today I first spent a good hour and a half or more trying to correct anatomy and perspective over the old composition. It got to a point where I started feeling like sure, the anatomy's better, but it's still not working.

Frustrated, I flipped the page in my sketchbook, intending to doodle something else. Instead, my mind wouldn't let go of the problem, and I ended up starting the picture over with a totally different composition. More push on the forced perspective weirdness I've been playing with a little bit recently.

And it's not without its problems, but I'm much happier with it than with how the old one was going. I'm hoping I can get the sketch finalized tomorrow and the coloring done tuesday


replacementparts: Smiling dragon, optimism, bright (Default)

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