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So I've come to the end of my first round of new commissions. I'm not quite ready to open up for more, but I do want to get some feedback on what I will be offering, and for how much.

Firstly, Compare the original sample images I did with the images I did for Klandagi the other day. I can't realistically offer them for $15 each anymore, that's less than $3/hour in most cases.

I do like the three-on-a-page option, which has given me a chance to play with themes and compositions and stuff like that.

Would $30 each, $80 for three be too much? It seems a lot more reasonable for the amount of work I put into them, but I know most people don't have a ton of money to play with lately, either. I also really like that I got a lot of three-pose commissions last round, and don't want to scare people off from that.

Is there something else you'd like to see me offer? A price-range you'd prefer?

Do we really like the dark paper? (I do! But it's not in unlimited supply, I haven't seen these sketchbooks sold anywhere but that one store in orlando, ONE time that I visited. =I Sooo I'm thinking I should move on to something else soon!)

ALSO, You guys really liked that Painted Cat piece! Which is awesome! I could totally do custom commissions like that, with a specific cat (or cats?), and a pawprint painting of whatever that cat would paint, I guess. Or at least, I could take one at a time until they drive me crazy, which may be after the first one, though I could probably manage at least a small few. They take forever, though, and hurt my wrist/shoulder/spine a bit. So I have to charge a lot for them. How should I handle that? I usually go first come first served but I only want to have one commission like this at a time, and I'm pretty sure more than one person would like one, and I would prefer to avoid auction sites unless necessary... Would an auction via livejournal comments work for those of you who might be interested?


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