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Look, I'm posting on a somewhat regular basis!

I've spent the past couple days with a case of the congested stupids. That is, I caught some kind of cold from Joshua (who had it on his birthday, poor guy, now I know why he wanted to just stay home that day). It has my sinuses in a funk and took most of my brain with it. I guess that's what I get for wearing myself out helping friends move on saturday, and sustaining myself on the beer and junk food they provided.

It was good though, I'd been lonely and desperately needed to spend time with people I could talk to without feeling strained. Once the trucks were emptied into their new place we all hung around for a few hours talking about whatever and I felt a lot better for doing it, even though the congestion started that night and has not yet let up.

School starts back up tomorrow. There were about a million things I would have preferred to do before it started, but 'getting well' trumps all that. Though I think I am feeling better today, if only a little. I've started going through the boxes in my office, throwing some stuff out, trying to organize others. That's always a good thing.

The old stomping grounds...

This image was part of a project I did last quarter. The project was a get well card with a die-cut. This is the front, except the dinosaur guy was cut out and visible through the back of the card, with the text "The old stomping grounds..."

On the inside, you can see the rest of the dinosaur, and his raised foot is in a cast and he's crying. The inside text reads "they just aren't the same without you. Get well soon!" I came up with the concept and the illustration, and talked to my Pop about the caption, since I knew he'd come up with something good.

Been getting in some illustrator practice lately, but I still feel like I need lots of work with it to get comfortable and fast. Part of my problem is I'm still thinking in terms of lines that are colored in, when Illustrator really shines with shapes. Practice, practice.


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