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I drew this dogdogdog christmas morning when Enzo went back to sleep after setting up my new Cintiq. Actually its the only thing I've drawn so far completely with the cintiq- I think I'm in love with Sai painter but my trail version expired so now my method of saving means taking a screencap. Heh, That's cool, though, I don't mind too much. Its on my wishlist.

Speaking of wishlists, after a day of epic stresses and generally crummy feelings both related to money and not, I came home from a small pre-new-years' "Will&Grace" gathering at Joshua's to find in the mail a claim form for unemployment... that showed that I'd been granted redemption basically and would resume getting funds. I guess the universe just wanted me to understand... maybe how much I'd grown to depend on it. It was definitely a fairly hefty reality check.

So now I'm entering the new year determined to be very responsible with my funds, to get my credit card paid down a bit (again... after a couple big purchases to help me with school- camera and computer), to rebuild my savings, to be careful about spending.

I can breathe again!

And I'll still be scanning some sketchbook animals and things to share!

(lol- speaking of timing, one of my old debts- an electric bill from back in Orlando- just called and relieved me of 176$. But at least that will stop being a scrape on my credit score soon...)


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