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I'm in a Photoshop class again, with a midterm project to re-create an advertisement.

I picked this image, and found photos from Thinkstock (AI has an account, so we can use them for projects) to composite my own version.

composited image of a sea turtle with a tire for a shell

It's made up of four images- two for the turtle, the tire, and the background. I feel like everything is fairly well integrated except the water inside the tire, which is the only thing I've built from scratch.

So I'm wondering if anyone could give me suggestions for the water inside the tire? It looks a ton better than earlier versions, but it still definitely lacks the sense of realism I'm aiming for.

Any other critique would also be appreciated, of course! Thank you!

(I'll be adding in the text and border, but I want to get this part looking right first.)

on 2012-08-10 01:01 pm (UTC)
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Mmh I'd say, it still looks a bit like the water surface in the tire is not horizontal (which is impossible because of gravity etc). I think there should be more difference between the angle of the tire and the water surface? Or like, the water shouldn't go as much "up" in the tire, the part in the shadows.

Not sure if I'm making sense, can't articulate my thought in English right now.


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