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Interesting, so apparently tumblr lets you direct link to images uploaded to their servers, but puts an expiration date on them. So much for that method. Maybe flickr? I refuse DA. I don't know.

If you found broken links when looking at my previous art entry, they can still be found at my Tumblr, along with the other three things I drew last night (my favorite is above).

I've been pretty excited about art lately and that is cool.
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Okay, a little late, but I scanned a few extra things to make up for it.

Drawings and stuff posted to my Tumblr so far...under cut! [16] )


May. 2nd, 2011 09:27 pm
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For Neogeen.

I'll make another post later or tomorrow with the rest of the stuff I've posted to my Tumblr so far, but until then, feel free to jump over there to look. =]
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I've been withdrawing from the internet lately. I still skim lj and fb but I think I'm more likely to miss things. It feels good, like I have better things to do with myself.

One of my brothers is in California from ky, so I got to see him a couple times this week. Our pop and his mom were both contacting me this morning to make sure he's okay. I told him he needs to call his parents. He's loving cali, though, and I'm really glad he's here.

I've been drawing more lately. Like, a lot. I call them doodles because I'm working on just putting lines down and being okay with what comes out, rather than nitpicking and erasing/redrawing the life out of everything.

Somewhere in art school, or maybe all through art school, and at yerf! before that, I got the idea drilled in that art wasn't good unless it was -perfect- and redrawn to fix anatomy, composition, perspective. Somewhere in there it stops being fun and starts being work.

So I'm trying now to be more honest right there on the paper. Whatever comes out there isn't wrong, it's from me. I can own it, mistakes and all, and learn from each drawing. I've gotten to where I'm pretty happy with what's coming out, though I still want to diversify more. That'll come with time, and training myself to fill all the spaces in between other activities with just a little time in a sketchbook.

I'm actually pretty happy to report that after the first day and a half of pokemon white, I haven't played for more than an hour or two each day. I'm okay with taking it slow. I did sneak in a pokerus with my suicune and celebi, so if anyone wants me to infect them I can be helpful (I like being helpful!). I don't really have anything else cool to offer to trade, as I'm only around my fourth badge. >_<

2279 5944 2164 Seth pokemon white!
Current team-
Myopia/Drilbur lv18, Toffee/Lillipup lv25, BQ/Pignite lv23, Boomi/Cronkeldurr lv30, Iggy/Blitzle lv24, MILEYCYRUS/Lilligant lv19 (that is Edwin's pokemon- he named it and got much joy from making it Teeter Dance)

I'm moving to Sacramento at the end of the month, but will still be in the bay pretty regularly to chill with my peeps. I've been basically living there increasingly over the past couple months, so this'll just save on the rent between us. And gives Eira's friend a place to live out here so he can escape Georgia.

Finally got my IHSS paychecks. *fireworks* But it's basically spent already- a chunk to bills, some debts I've put off, as much as I can to credit card debt. Angsting over whether I should use the money for a name change or put that off and be closer to having the credit card paid off. I know what I -should- do, and I know what I really -want- to do. Darnit.

Tell me something awesome that's happened to you recently!

Some arts!

Jan. 27th, 2011 10:15 am
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Here's some art I've done in the past month and a half and never got around to posting here. All characters belong to their respective owners, and said owners already have the originals.

I've been working on getting back into an art groove, so new art soon! Perhaps in the meantime I'll scan some of my sketch pages?

Amy Possum

Dec. 17th, 2010 01:33 am
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Hope you like it, Growly! You didn't specify what color her vespa vas. Therefore PINK. Apparently. XD
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Hey guys! Sorry I disappeared off the face of the earth there for a bit, I was actually up in sacramento visiting my old buddy [ profile] kigeni aka Kigs. Getting out from in front of my computers was good for my soul.

In the spirit of getting out and experiencing stuff...

For [ profile] danielcoon


For [ profile] crssafox and [ profile] silverdark


Dec. 3rd, 2010 01:57 pm
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I'm participating in NEOGEEN'S ART JAM this weekend! I cut ten purple ACEO cards to start with. I might not get to do many more tonight but I plan on pumping out several more over the weekend. GO PARTICIPATE!

This goat cutie belongs to Kei!

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This one was about 90% finished for over a year. I knew it wasn't finished, but I wasn't sure what to do with it to get that resolution. While working on the last piece, I got this one out and added some colored pencil in a few areas, though it still seemed flat somehow.

I actually have to really thank Growly for encouraging me to pump up the shadows in the Rivalry picture. I decided to try the same trick here, and I think it worked wonders!

It's a little funny because it feels like I'm now picking up where I left off in my art, over a year ago.

Sagemane and Tenebris, I hope you'll forgive me for such a long wait!
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These two characters were a lot of fun to color. On Aloiis I got to play with clouded leopard coloration, enjoying the interplay of light and shadow on the spots and in some ways struggling with the camouflaging effects therein. Getting him to stand out sufficiently from background elements was a struggle. Insangu's coloring is similar to greencat's old color scheme and I enjoyed playing again with the rich colors available in the warm and cool green spectrums.

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!

See it BIG

(as originally posted)
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Here's what I'm working on right now.

I just covered it in a layer of copic YR07, and I'm figuring out the value structure now before proceeding. 0__0

Backlog commission for salamanderbones, with appearance by feralkiss.

more ACEOs

Nov. 27th, 2010 11:11 am
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Sorry its been a few days since I've posted! I've been working on other art things in between ACEOs, and my art computer recently started timing out when trying to connect to the internet, and I can't find my regular flash drive, so I've been stuck using my phone as a flash drive to transfer scanned and adjusted images from the old powerbook to the Eee.

Anyway, here we have two cards for Gatcat (above) and one (below) for my steksteksteki. Lots more on the way. All I've been doing lately is working on art for you guys and watching Criminal Minds- blaming lesablefox for that one. XD

ACEO art cards like these are 25$ each, plus 3$ s/h. They CAN be delivered in time for the holidays, just let me know if they are to be a gift and I'll keep them off the net until after your gift-giving day of choice. Paypal and regular emails can be sent to ideamutt (at)

All money from commissions will be going to fund my top surgery in the spring. Please help!
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Hey All!

Just wanted to give you a reminder that tonight is the last night to grab my special offer of two ACEOs for $30 (+3$s/h)

Tomorrow they go back up to 25$ each, so grab them now!

Paypal is ideamutt (at) Any orders with payment going through before I wake up tomorrow are eligible for this offer, so no need to wait on me to confirm tonight. Again, payment must be received (or initiated, in the case of echecks) tonight/tomorrow morning to take advantage of this deal.

[ profile] danielcoon's Rackety. With a zoot suit and cigar. Therefore awesome.

and [ profile] growly's shiny Growlithe, Silver, rolling out some Flame Wheel.

More on the way!
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Believe it or not, this was an attempt at tiny art. They are 2.5" x 3.5" (standard ACEO size, I believe). With the small size, I pushed back into a more color-oriented style, that I think suits me a lot better. I certainly had more fun with these than with the other things I've been doing lately.

Which is why I'm closing those character commissions I opened earlier this week. I've contacted those who expressed an interest in that style of commission, but there didn't seem to be much interest once I raised the prices to something more appropriate to the amount of work I put in them. That's okay, it means it was time to move on, and I'm confident I've found something that will be much more enjoyable for me to do, and hopefully people will like these better!

I am currently asking only 25$ each for these, and for an extra 3$, I will stick them with a piece of cardboard in an envelope and MAIL THEM TO YOU. I might even go up to the game store and get nice little plastic card holder deals to keep them nice and safe and appeal to my love of small containers.

Paypal goes to ideamutt (at)

Thank you!

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For [ profile] clickclackcat, to whom I've owed nice arts for a while.
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This one's for [ profile] circuit_four!

She didn't quite cooperate exactly the way I had in mind, but I'm not at all disappointed with where she led me.

(By request, A bigger version!)
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This one's for Kace- Full image is under the cut. It's a three-character image and one is PG13 for boobs and drug use (requested by commissioner).

This one I tried to integrate the three into more of a single composition, but it came out pretty differently from my original thumbnail, so the symmetry I was going for was lost, but it still looks good, I think!

Hope you like it Kace!

possible nsfw )
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Hey Klandagi! Hope you like these! Playing with some wide variation on a theme, and trying out some different coloring methods.

(Uhh, if anyone is bothered by these, let me know, I'd be happy to cut them)
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For [ profile] bouhaki, who gave me the prompt 'painted cat'.

You don't need to know how long that took. >_
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For [ profile] danielcoon, and inspired a bit by [ profile] astolpho's renditions of him as a little kid. I took the opportunity to make them sequential, too- something I should do more often!


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