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Graphic design has been eating my brain lately! I mostly love it, but I'm having to find tricky ways to keep myself moving forward every day. School's got me producing at a much faster pace than I'm used to, which is good, but pretty draining!

In response, I'm trying to keep myself drawing and doodling on a daily basis to constantly remind myself that art is meant to be fun!

I had a bit of a heartbreak earlier this week, though, when my jeans (it finally got cool enough to stop wearing shorts every day) - My jeans spit out my pocket sketchbook on the bike ride to school. Four hours later on my way home, no sign of it. I hope whoever found it appreciated what they found, because -nothing- in there was scanned, and there were at LEAST 2-3 pictures in there that I'm dying over losing, and what's almost worse is I don't even REMEMBER what was on half of those pages!

Tell me about your classes this quarter!

I started out with a 'Fundamentals of Design' class, attended two sessions, and realized that while I might genuinely enjoy the review and strengthen my foundations, I was hopelessly ahead of the rest of the class. I spoke with the teacher, and she said that while she would happily try her best to tailor assignments to give me more of a challenge, ultimately she had to teach to the level of the rest of the class. Perhaps a different teacher would have taken it more in stride, but she seemed fairly rigid in her teaching methods. Not worth fifteen hundred for a class I'd basically taken eight years ago.

So I transferred into a Wednesday class for InDesign. The teacher there is very quiet and we don't seem to do a lot in the class itself, but he's got it structured interestingly. Basically at the start of the quarter we were all 'hired' as graphic designers for a candy distributor. Now week to week we're getting more and more projects. Week 1 I got the assignment the day before it was due because I'd transferred in the second week - a sales sheet. Mine was pretty rough because of that time constraint, but I managed. The next week we did a two-page internal newsletter, and this past week we turned in an updated newsletter and a crossword puzzle. This week we need to make a tri-fold brochure, as well as a promotion package for the new line of suckers including a bookmark, an invitation, and a something else I can't remember offhand. We're also working through an inDesign textbook at two chapters a week and I'm two chapters behind and there's a midterm exam this wednesday so I've got a ton of work to do for that class.

Typography 2 is my favorite class this quarter. Mehallo definitely knows his stuff, and he's doing his level best to cram it into our heads. We just started the assignment that will carry us through the rest of the quarter- a CD packaging project. We had to pick a band that we knew nothing about. It seemed like most people in there picked bands they'd heard /of/ and wanted to know more about, and I'm now wishing desperately I'd done the same. I got a recommendation from a friend, thinking he'd give me something good. Come to find out, after I'd already committed, that L'arc~en~Ciel is not a french band at all but JPOP. WHYYYYYYYYYYY. It's okay, I'm making the best I can of it, but it's sure making the research frustrating because most of the info I can find is in japanese. *facepalm*

This is for anyone who gets excited about kerning type. Or for anyone who has no idea what kerning is or why they should hire graphic designers to do things for them.

My third class this quarter is 'Image Manipulation.' And it's an oddly slow photoshop class. We just finished week four (of eleven) and this is only the second time we've had homework. The whole class is spent going through sample images and performing specific edits to each one. I won't say I'm learning nothing- I am learning more about photoshop than I did in any one class I took at Ringling, but I'm not sure I'm learning anything I couldn't have gotten out of a book if I'd gone through it page by page the way we are in the InDesign class. On one hand it's nice that the homework load is light because it gives me more time to work on the other classes, but at the same time it's hard to tell if I'm getting my money's worth. I CAN honestly say I am becoming a PS tool monster. Maybe I'm just frustrated because the way he's teaching really levels the playing field and I feel so average in there. LOL! I have to get my little ego boosts from the other classes I suppose!

Thursdays I'm staying at the school an extra hour for Photography club, which is run by the same guy as the photoshop class. He also teaches photo 2. I miss Jim- he made us really work for that class, pushing us to get out and make pictures every day if possible. At least photo club has gotten me to get my camera out more often than I might otherwise.

There's also a figure drawing workshop on saturdays. It started 2 minutes ago and I'm not there and I haven't had breakfast yet because we're almost out of soymilk and I know my roommate will be annoyed if I don't leave him some for his coffee. Rrrgh. I should go but darnit it's a long bike ride and I don't like making extra trips. -__- Excuses excuses. The time I went I loved it, and I do miss figure drawing a lot. Sigh.

This was one from back in march or april. I think I did it Wondercon weekend, actually! Lions and unicorns!


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