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Just met one of these guys in my house.

CUTE little guy, omg. I sat and watched him make his way through our tiny patch of yard for a while. Like, if Voltik was black tipped in white instead of yellow and blue. And NEON green chelicerae.

Coming back in and walking through a face-height mass of spiderweb was a little creepy, though. Yikes.
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Unfinished Illustration of an anthro raccoon swimming, with a crocodile pulling on his swim trunks, like the Coppertone girl and dog.

I forget how much fun illustration can be, when I don't do it for a while.

This is a WIP for an old commission for [ profile] bencoon. This morning I randomly had an idea for it and decided to just go for it. I'm actually a little further along right now but I'd scanned it and decided to share.

Spent maybe an hour sketching and refining, and then inked it... Spent 20 minutes picking out THE EXACT TWO MARKERS I WANTED and then spent about 10 minutes absolutely terrified I was ruining it with said markers. The paper is dark grey to begin with, so I had to use REALLY saturated blues. (Copic B16 and B29 to be exact. You can see them on the tape!)

The bit about the terror got lost in that last paragraph. I could barely see my lines, after the first layer of the lighter blue over the whole thing, I started slopping on the darker blue fast and dirty. I've done this enough times to know that's way more effective than doing it painstakingly. I'll be cleaning it up later, and this is the best time for happy accidents. But it feels like riding a roller coaster, but instead of death you fear ruining this piece of artwork you've been working on for a couple hours.

Breathe. That's why you got a high-res scan of the line art, right? You did do that, didn't you? This time, yes.

And of course it all turned out okay. And it is shaping up to be lovely, too!

Ask me questions about art!
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This font, Hobo,

is the new Comic Sans or Papyrus.

No, seriously. It's everywhere, because people think it's 'fun.'

Stop it! Use a better font in a way that makes it say 'fun,' don't try to use a quirky font that is so immediately recognizable to shortcut it.

Hobo is wide and awkward and ungainly and its default kerning does not work well. Like any typeface, it can have its appropriate uses, but I find it hard to believe that it is the best choice for any situation. Much like its annoying Comic Sans and Papyrus brethren.

Seriously. Hobo is one to avoid.
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Remember how last year I started a Tumblr but then lost steam? D=

Well, last week Joshua went around the house and took pictures of all the post-it note doodles that are literally all over the house. Most are in the living room, but they are also in cupboards, closets and hidden everywhere. It's like an easter egg hunt in here.

We set them up as a queue on my tumblr and now there's starting to be a good amount up stuff up there. =] Still not entirely clear on how the queue works lol, but we'll get the hang of it.

I need to get a tip jar on there sometime, but otherwise, there's some art for you to enjoy!

Joshua might start posting most of my sketches for me. I want to teach him how to do stuff with photoshop, we'll see how that goes. What do you think?

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Today is the first day that I am officially binder-free.

2 weeks post-op )
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Thank you all for your supportive comments about my surgery. It seems to have gone well- I was pretty out of it all day yesterday. Threw up a couple times, but hadn't eaten enough to do much.

Got 'home' to an extended stay hotel around 8, annoyed a little with my limitations. If I sit up too long or stand too long I start getting a little nautious. But I've already eaten more this morning than all day yesterday.

I've got some pretty awesome people here taking care of me, so hopefully I'll be back to myself in a few days. =]
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My surgery is this time tomorrow.

Edwin came up last night, he's taking Joshua and me down to the bay this morning for my pre-op appointment, then my mom is coming in at the airport in the afternoon.

So much going on....!
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Anyone want to get me an epic present? lol. He's gorgeous, though, isn't he? =]

I've been ogling a lot of missmonster's stuff recently, because I'm using her work for a catalog project right now.

That I really should be working on. Due tomorrow. With a process book for the entire quarter.

Save me.

Just gotta last through thursday, then I get a nice break.

PS I've been using pinterest lately to collect links to some of my favorite pieces of mine. Care to follow?
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The Brief
The logo is for this- And you can pretty much see that their current logo is awful.

The foundation provides mentorship and funding to a small but growing group of college-bound students. They are pretty unique in that they don't only provide scholarship money to fill the gap between what the students receive through grants and other scholarships to pay for their college of choice, but they also choose their recipient students during their Sophomore year in high school, providing them with three years of one-on-one mentorship to realize their aspirations.

The design firm that is doing this is inFuze Marketing, whose tagline is 'creating impact without noise'. Our concept design teacher brought in the owner of the firm and one of her designers to talk to us and give us the project.

The design actually needs to appeal primarily to funders. They hold gala events and golf tournaments and the like to bring in money and donors. The logo will be embroidered onto golf shirts and high-quality tchotchkes.

My Approach
As part of the identity design, I'm wanting to make a personal connection from the students to the contributors. Reinforce that these are SPECIFIC people with dreams and aspirations. The pencil-tool 'my' at the bottom of futurefaces.jpg is a placeholder. My idea is that there could be small sections of the personal stories of FF students, with a picture. The students are taking posession of the foundation, calling it "My Future; My Future Foundation".

I feel like making it more personal like that will speak more directly to the contributors. Rather than being a faceless 'random high school student' that their money helps, they will see the type of people that are being supported, learn a little about their stories, and maybe even see a reflection of their younger selves in the students, causing them to remember the ways they might have been helped up the ladder as they grew, and recognizing themselves in a position to help these individuals in turn.

My Work

Read more... )
As for the actual execution... I'm not sure if I like the disjointed bottom half of the face treatment. That might not be the best way to do it, but I feel like that leaves me at a bit of a loss to what to do instead. I still like the logo direction itself- the hand-drawn font for future speaks to fresh growth, while the solid slabs of foundation gives that growth a sturdy medium for growth. I'm looking at bold, fresh colors as well, which feels like the right direction, though I have no idea whether that will appeal to the older, more conservative financial contributors.

Any help is appreciated!
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My gosh. On Friday I was planning out my homework for the weekend. I had a lot to deal with, and wanted to try and get as much done as I could. In one of my classes our Magazine page layouts are due this week, and then next week we have a catalogue and our process books due. Obviously I wanted to get as much of the catalogue and process books done as I could, so I'm not trying to finish them at the same time as everything else. >_<

I estimated three pomodoros to finish up the magazine layouts enough to print and move on.

TWENTY TWO pomodoros later I am finally finished.

And now I get to try and do EVERYTHING ELSE in the time I have left before things are due.

Okay, then.

Adobe Muse

Mar. 8th, 2012 11:07 am
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Has anyone here played with Muse at all? It's Adobe's new web design software, still in Beta, and free for now. I wouldn't have heard of it if it wasn't for one of my classes, but it seems pretty neat. I've messed with it for about 20 minutes so far and at least placing content on the page seems pretty straightforward. It seems similar, though not as versatile as InDesign, but for something that is made to be exported to html, it seems pretty awesome.

Let me know what you think!
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Also, discovered that there is an OCCUPY thing at the capitol today.

First I heard of it was just a lot of people gathering a couple blocks away and chanting/being loud. There are helicopters, but no sirens.

Brandon woke up, the only other person in the house right now, and I hadn't yet been able to figure out what it was. Apparently both our first thoughts were... Zombie Apocalypse?

But there would probably be sirens for that.

I ended up figuring out what it was shortly before crowds of people started walking past my apartment on their way to the capitol. At which point it would have become obvious anyway. Though I guess then I wouln't have known it was specifically in response to the California Nuclear Initiative.

Stuff is happening in the world.

I wish I could either go out and immerse myself in it, or stay inside and ignore it completely, but I have a DR appointment at 12:30 on the other side of that mess, and homework in the meantime, so I can't really do either. Lovely.
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Busy isn't even the word. I've entered a state where I'm doing hours of homework a day, and if I'm doing less than four or five hours in a single day I start getting really anxious about it.

Surgery in three weeks, two days. I'd say I was really nervous about it, and when I give myself time to think, of course I am. But this is week 9 now, of an 11-week school quarter, and maybe having no room to think is not such a terrible thing.

I signed up for classes next quarter. Only two, instead of three. I had to jump through some paperwork hoops to not take the full load my financial aid allows, but not as many as I'd thought, and the people I talked to were really understanding. There's only a one-week break between quarters, and my surgery is on the wednesday.

Then I have a follow-up appointment (in SF) on monday, a class (in Sac) on tuesday, a secondary follow-up (SF) on wednesday, and a class (Sac) on thursday. Not entirely sure how that's going to work. If I'm absolutely not feeling up to classes, it is better for me to drop for the quarter than to do too poorly in the classes.

But one of my closest friends is a chinese med student. He has magical healing herbs that he claims will cut my recovery time in half, most likely. Which sounds pretty awesome. He gave the same stuff to our mutual friend when he got his wisdom teeth out, and he was up and about within about two days. Maybe I'll be so lucky. But I'll still need to be really careful with what I do with my arms to avoid bad scarring. I'm going to miss riding my bike for that month or so.

Anyway. I need to get back to work. I'm sorry I've been so quiet. I want to be more social, I really do, it just takes time, and time is what I do not have in much quantity. >_
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Here's a poster for one of my classes. The final design was done in a couple days, but the preliminary work went on for over a month, and included over 140 layout roughs. Craziness.

I keep finding new and interesting ways to fight against my illustrator-self. I'm learning design and don't want to default to trying to illustrate everything, but at the same time, when I tap into illustrator-mind, I tend to acheive the best results. Always, everything in moderation.

BY THE WAY that's a real scholarship, so if anyone is a full-time art student, or knows full-time art students, they should definitely apply.
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Sorry I've been quiet lately, school has been eating my face.

Finished a project today, really pleased with it. Portfolio for one of my classmates - all art is his except the logo in the top corner. I did all the layout and design stuff.

The web version doesn't have interactivity, but the version I turned in has working links that allow navigation from page to page. Maybe if you download it and open it with Acrobat it'll work.


Let me know what you think! I worked hard on this! Oh, there's a process book, too, that I can upload if anyone is interested!
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Doodling in sai again. Apparently theres some issue with pressure sensitivity between Sai and the cintiq... or maybe I just don't know how to turn on pressure sensitivity in sai. Something like that. >__>


Jan. 1st, 2012 11:56 am
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I could say a lot about 2011 -

It was a good year, despite occasional rollercoasterness.

If I had to give it a title, 2011 was the year of
"How I learned to stop worrying and love myself"
more than any year up to this point.

And that's pretty cool.

I got back into art, accidentally started myself on a new career path and am LOVING it, started fooling around with comic art, and rediscovered my love for illustration. And learned a LOT about time management.

And got suckerpunched in the jaw with a corkboard about 60 seconds before the new year. Gravity doesn't pull punches, I will tell you that much. XD

Here's to an even better 2012
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I drew this dogdogdog christmas morning when Enzo went back to sleep after setting up my new Cintiq. Actually its the only thing I've drawn so far completely with the cintiq- I think I'm in love with Sai painter but my trail version expired so now my method of saving means taking a screencap. Heh, That's cool, though, I don't mind too much. Its on my wishlist.

Speaking of wishlists, after a day of epic stresses and generally crummy feelings both related to money and not, I came home from a small pre-new-years' "Will&Grace" gathering at Joshua's to find in the mail a claim form for unemployment... that showed that I'd been granted redemption basically and would resume getting funds. I guess the universe just wanted me to understand... maybe how much I'd grown to depend on it. It was definitely a fairly hefty reality check.

So now I'm entering the new year determined to be very responsible with my funds, to get my credit card paid down a bit (again... after a couple big purchases to help me with school- camera and computer), to rebuild my savings, to be careful about spending.

I can breathe again!

And I'll still be scanning some sketchbook animals and things to share!

(lol- speaking of timing, one of my old debts- an electric bill from back in Orlando- just called and relieved me of 176$. But at least that will stop being a scrape on my credit score soon...)
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Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been posting much. I've had a lovely christmas day and a productive few days surrounding it, but to be perfectly honest I'm in a pretty rough spot financially. Last month my unemployment benefits got cut off unexpectedly. I still have a tiny bit of hope that they'll get turned back on, but it seems like it's becoming less and less likely.

I'm getting over my fear of commissions- I think something in my head had been a huge block to getting them done in any kind of consistent manner, but I guess some of the things I've had to learn to keep up with my graphic design schoolwork have really just made me go, 'okay, commissions are FUN, not painful, duh' lol

So with that said, if anyone has any interest in getting art from me- either illustration or design, I would love to work for you.

I don't have a system in place for accepting new commissions. I'm not exactly expecting to be gangrushed on them, so taking care of new commissions on an individual basis should work.

Once school starts back up I'm going to be in the career services dept a couple times a week until I have a job, but EDD kind of screwed me with the timing- yanking the carpet out from under me without warning and right before the holidays. -__-


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